How To Deal With ‘Just Stop Oil’ Protestors?

Part of an international network, Just Stop Oil is on a mission to curtail the use of fossil fuels. The organization believes that use of fossil fuels needs to be reduced, as it is destroying the planet.

One of its primary demands to the UK government is to stop licensing for all new oil, gas and coal projects. Members and volunteers of the Just Stop Oil organization have been carrying out protest marches in the UK, other European countries, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

While their slow marches on public roads are claimed to be nonviolent, such protests are essentially quite similar to blocking the roads. Apparently, most road users have expressed their anger and anguish at these protests. It makes one wonder how to deal with Just Stop Oil protestors. Here are some options in terms of how to deal with Just Stop Oil protestors.

Take a different route – Wherever possible, one can try to take a different route to reach their destination. It may take longer, but driving behind the slow-moving protestors can take even longer. By taking a different route, one can also avoid the stressful situation of people honking their cars and shouting at the protestors.

Convey your urgency to Just Stop Oil protestors – At times, one is required to reach a destination at a particular time. You may have a flight to catch, show up for an interview or have an important appointment with a doctor. In such situations, you can ask the protestors to make an exception in your case. Just Stop Oil protestors usually do not allow exceptions. Even ambulances have been stopped by them. But still, you can try reasoning with them.

Seek emergency or police assistance – If Just Stop Oil protestors do not give way, you can call and file a complaint with the police. Depending on your situation, the police may ask the protestors to clear the road. The police can also make arrests if the protestors do not obey the orders.

What not to do when faced with Just Stop Oil protestors?

You may have seen people aggressively moving their vehicles towards the protestors. Many people have also manhandled the protestors, in an attempt to remove them from the road. While the anger is justifiable, manhandling someone could be treated as a criminal offence. Such things should be avoided.

The better option is to call the police and explain the situation to them. It is better that police act as per law, rather than you taking the law in your own hands. With a bit of patience and clever thinking, it is possible to effectively deal with Just Stop Oil protestors.

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