How to Prevent Your Phone From Catching Fire

As mobile phone manufacturers race to outdo each other, the risk of defects and bugs has increased significantly. One of the most common defects noticed in recent times is the instance of mobile phones catching fire. Such cases are usually associated with an overheated battery, but other reasons can also be responsible for mobile phones going up in flames or exploding. Such cases have not only caused monetary loss to users, but some of them have also suffered serious injuries. This is why it is important to take steps to prevent mobile phones from catching fire or exploding. Here are some tips and techniques you can use to reduce the risk of mobile phone catching fire.

Use the original charger: It is recommended that you use the original charger provided with the mobile phone. Using any other charger is always risky even when it may have the same configuration for voltage input/output and ampere. This is because every manufacturer uses a slightly different process for developing theirchargers. They may all look the same, but the risk of fire increases when you are using a different charger.

Use compatible batteries only: If you are installing a new battery, make sure it is compatible with your mobile phone. If you have doubts, you can contact the mobile phone manufacturer and ask them where you can get a compatible battery. OEM batteries are usually available at authorizedservice centers of mobile phone companies. Using an altogether different battery may not be appropriate, as it may be incompatible with the hardware and software.

Don’t overcharge: Some people think that charging theircell phones for longer durations will increase the battery juice. There are also people who act carelessly and let their phones keep charging for ever. Manufacturers recommend that phones should be disconnected from the charger, as soon as it reaches the 100 % mark. However, this is seldom followed by people. Overcharging your phone will damage the battery in the long term and may increase the risk of fire.

Charge in an open environment: Most mobile phones heat up while charging. If you place your phone near a heat source while charging or cover it with something, the heat can build-up and cause fire. Make sure you charge your mobile phone in a place that has good air circulation.

Last but not least, you should look out for warning signs. If you notice that your phone is heating up excessively, you should take it to the authorized service center for repairs. You should also be watchful of other warning signs such as a swelled up battery and any weird sounds coming from your mobile phone.


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