How to Ask Your Crush Out

You have a crush on someone and are aching to spend time with them. However, you are not sure what exactly you need to do next. You wonder if they also have a liking for you and worry about the consequences of your actions. You can handle rejections, but you don’t want to cause any hurt or embarrassment to anyone. If you have been experiencingsomething similar, you can try some of these successful ways to ask your crush out.

Find common interests: It is possible that you both share a common interest or hobby. For example, if you like music, your crush may also have a liking for music. Similarly, there can be other common interests such as movies, photography, books, travel, food, astronomy, etc. If you don’t already know what your crush likes, you can try to get information from their social circles. Finding common interests will help you build friendship, allowing you the opportunity to share and communicatefreely. It will also help break the ice that most people experience in early relationships.

Be confident: Irrespective of how you approach your crush or what you say to them, make sure you appear confident and brimming with energy and enthusiasm. You should not come across as an individual who is doubtful about their actions. Overconfidence also needs to be avoided, as it could be demeaning for your crush. It would mean that you have already assumed that your crush will say ‘yes’ to your proposal. Avoid such mistakes.

Don’t act desperate: Once you have expressed your thoughts, you should give time to the other person to respond. You should not be in a hurry to hear a ‘yes’ from your crush. It is possible that they may be in the middle of something important in their lives and may not be able to focus on your proposal. Don’t chase your crush and don’t send constant reminders. Such things can be quite irritating and may harm your relationship.

Use some humor: If you appear too serious, it will most probably give negative results. So, try to use some good humor when asking your crush out. We don’t want to suggest anything specific since the type of humor will depend on the situation and the tastes and preferences of your crush. You be the judge and decide the best way forward.

Last but not least, make sure the timing is perfect when you ask your crush out. Don’t make your moves when your crush may be already preoccupied with something else. The right time will be the time when your crush has also started thinking about you and is waiting for you to ask them out.


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