How To Speed Up Your Android Smartphone

As you may have noticed, smartphones tend to get slower with time. Newer versions of Android OS such as Android Pie and Android 10 have inbuilt features to boost RAM and clear junk files. However, such functions are not available with earlier versions of Android, which most people are using currently. If your Android phone has slowed down, here are some hacks you can use to boost your phone’s speed.

Uninstall unused apps: If you take some time to go through your installed apps, you will notice that there are several apps that you rarely use or don’t use at all. If your primary objective is to improve your phone’s speed, you can uninstall these apps. It will free up both storage space and memory, which will help boost phone speed.

Clear cache: The purpose of cache memory is actually to boost the speed of your apps. However, if your phone is running low on storage space, it would be better to clear the cache. You can access this under Settings > Storage section of your phone.

Delete old files: This again will help you clean up your storage space. Images, audio/video, documents, eBooks, etc. take a lot of space on your smartphone. You can delete the ones that you don’t need anymore. If you are not sure about what to delete and keep, just take a backup on your computer, cloud storage or other storage devices. You can then delete the old files without any worries.

Avoid apps that promise to boost speed: There are plenty of apps that promise to kill background apps, free up memory and clean junk files. Overall, these apps claim that they can boost your phone’s speed. You may be convinced by the millions of downloads and 4+ rating of these apps. However, in actual use, these apps hardly achieve any significant difference in speed. These apps can actually make your phone even slower, as these apps keep running in the background continuously. Most of these apps are resource hungry and can eat up your phone’s storage and memory.

Hard reset:Also known as factory reset, hard reset can be used when all other methods to boost speed have failed. This can give a new life to your phone by removing everything except the Operating System (OS) and core program files. Before doing a hard reset, make sure you backup all your data.

If you are not satisfied with the above methods, it would simply mean that your phone has become outdated and needs to be upgraded. This is the time you need to start searching for a new smartphone that comes with the latest OS.


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