Common MistakesTo Avoid In Your First Relationship

In situations where both partners are in their first relationship, it’s quite like walking along an unknown road. There’s so much to learn about each other and also about how relationships progress and factors that can potentially pull them apart. If you are in a similar situation, you can do better by learning from things that other people have already experienced. To ensure that your first relationship is a fulfilling experience, here are some common mistakes that you need to avoid.

Give up everything else: It’s true that you may experience strong feelings for your partner and may want to spend every moment with them. You may be so wrapped up in your relationship that you may lose focus on other important things in your life such as your friends, family, hobbies and professional life. A few weeks may be okay, but things can backfire if you become obsessed with your partner. Giving space to yourself and your partner will have better results for your relationship.

Propose marriage at an early stage: You may feel that you have found your soul mate, but the other person may not have similar feelings. It is possible that your partner may need more time to think about your relationship. If you propose marriage early in a relationship, it may put undue pressure on the other person. Take things slowly, so that both of you have enough time to understand each other and evaluate your compatibility.

Focus exclusively on sex: Physical intimacy is vital for relationships, but it can’t be the only bond that you share with your partner. If sex is the only thing driving your relationship, it is unlikely to last long. Overindulgence in sex may be okay in initial phases of a relationship, but various other factors will come into play as time goes by.

Try to please your partner: Relationships grow stronger when both partners are able to be their own self and express themselves freely. If you have to pretend to please your partner, you are probably in the wrong relationship. Just be yourself without worrying about how it will impact your relationship.

Not accepting mistakes: Humans learn through mistakes, so be ready to accept your mistakes. If you refuse to accept your mistakes, your partner may start having second thoughts about the relationship.

Every relationship is unique, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for handling first time relationships. However, there are some things that can work in your favor such as love and care, proper communication, an understanding of other person’s needs, acceptability towards weaknesses of your partner and willingness to make amends in case you made a mistake. If you follow these guidelines, your first relationship will most likely turn out to be a wonderful experience.

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