Hyderabad NGO Youngistaan Foundation Inspires Active Citizenship among Youth

Hyderabad, July 10, 2023: Youngistaan Foundation’s active citizen program hosted an engaging event on the topic of “Democracy in Action.” The event, which saw the participation of nearly 100 enthusiastic young individuals, aimed to foster a culture of active citizenship and encourage youth to enroll to vote and to exercise their right to vote

The witnessed an enthusiastic gathering of young people who are passionate about making a positive impact on society. Through interactive sessions, open mic by young artists such as Farah, Kiran Barathwal, Adarsh and Atchyuth and more. The event also had thought-provoking discussions and engaging activities. Youngistaan Foundation aimed to educate, inspire, and motivate young individuals to actively participate in the democratic process.

One of the key highlights of the event was a panel discussion featuring distinguished guests such as Musshir Khan, Indira, Vinay Vangala, and Arun Daniel Yellamaty from various fields. The panelists shared their insights on the importance of democracy, the power of citizen participation, and the significance of voting as a fundamental right. The lively exchange of ideas and experiences left a lasting impression on the attendees, igniting their enthusiasm for civic engagement.

Moreover, the event featured workshops and sessions where young participants learned practical skills related to active citizenship. These sessions covered topics such as voter registration, understanding political processes, and effective advocacy techniques. The participants had the opportunity to interact with experts in these fields, gaining valuable knowledge and guidance to help them become informed and engaged citizens.

Youngistaan Foundation believes that empowering young people to actively participate in democracy is crucial for the development and progress of our nation. By organizing events like “Democracy in Action,” the foundation strives to create a platform where young individuals can voice their concerns, exchange ideas, and contribute meaningfully to the betterment of society.

In addition to the event, Arun Daniel Yellamaty, the founder and director of Youngistaan Foundation, emphasized the importance of being an active citizen and voter registration in his address to the participants. He urged all young individuals to take an active step towards becoming responsible citizens by enrolling to vote. Added “Voting is not just a right, but a powerful tool that allows us to shape the future of our nation. It is crucial for every eligible citizen, especially the youth, to enroll and exercise their right to vote. By participating in the democratic process, we can collectively bring about positive change and contribute to the betterment of our society.”

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