Indian teenage entrepreneur Sanjeet kumar prodigy soar high in the business world

Sanjeet Kumar, also known as an Indian teenage entrepreneur, writer, and social media influencer based in Pune, Maharashtra. After having the realization about the value of life, Sanjeet Kumar started his journey at the early age of 14 years old. Being completely engrossed in the tech world, he began his quest in the business. He belonged to a middle-class Indian family, where everyone followed the conventional way of success and life. It was never easy for him to start with things initially, but his determination, creativity, eagerness of learning things, and inquisitive mind, never allowed him to give up on his dreams and passion. He has his own life’s rulebook, of living it on his terms like no other normal teenager.

Sanjeet Kumar currently 20 years old, is brilliant in studies, and alongside has his own business. Initially starting with a cybersecurity program, Sanjeet kumar earned his certification in the same. He started learning about programming languages, and soon launched his first Website, ‘BRANDFOR YOU’ for teenagers looking for a quick way to earn money through their mobiles. He went on to participate in numerous competitions, like CyberChamp. Over the years he has gained a lot of influence and experience in the world of business and now he is growing exponentially. He has certainly proved to all, that age is just a number, and it’s the zest and passion which contribute to one’s success.

At an age of 19, he, with all his vigor and potential, launched his first start-up ‘BrandFor You’. BrandFor Youis a marketing tool that automates likes, followers, and comments on Instagram accounts by targeting its desired audience and reaching out to other Instagram accounts. BrandFor You recently celebrated its 1 year in the business world. Over the period, BrandFor You is known for his work ethic and the value of service which he provides. He has dealt with numerous clients, assisting them professionally, and helping them with every minor problem is one of his skills. BrandFor You has been growing with all its capabilities and serving its purpose.

on his dreams and passion. He has his own life’s rulebook, of living it on his terms like no other normal teenager.

Sanjeet Kumar after gaining tons of experience in the Instagram arena has self-published his first book, ‘PROFILE OPTIMIZATION Down To Crown guide of Instagram’ at an age of 19 years old, on various platforms. Instagram marketing is a complete mystery for everyone, Are you also looking for how to do Instagram marketing then, this book is for you. PROFILE OPTIMIZATION Down To Crown guide is a complete guide to Instagram, where you can learn growth hacks, basic terms about Instagram, simpler ways to grow, ways for organic growth, and where to find useful resources. You can also learn about  Instagram automation, Instagram IGTV growth, and many other secret ways to grow on Instagram.

He is always keen on learning about new stuff and helping others to learn as well. Even though he struggled with numerous problems and hurdles, his way of thinking made it easy to take on all the challenges that life presented to him. Sanjeet Kumar believes, “Life is all about darkness and our journey is to the Illumination.” following the same principle in life, he is all set to design a life on his terms and strive hard for it every day.

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