Intellicus expands its data integration and BI solutions business into new enterprises


New Delhi, 22nd December’21: The company witnessed high demand and growth in 2021 because of the burgeoning demand for business intelligence utilization for many corporate enterprises. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst and helped in the propulsion of digitization, of which a major part is spent on reporting, analytics, and business intelligence. BPM, banking, supply chain systems, retail, manufacturing, and FMCG were among the industries that implemented new BI interfaces the most in 2021.




The year 2021 witnessed an expedited understanding and employability of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the construction and preparation of data, analysis, and recommendation. A need for process automation was induced to minimize the use of manual interventions. Augmented analytics was also widely used and recognized this year.




IoT, AI & ML, Predictive Analytics, Data Quality Management (DQM), data pipeline automation, and data integration across systems are the main technological reforms that will rule the roost in 2022. The BI industry is looking at a phase in 2022 where BI automation will be mainstream alongside cloud-based analytics. The trailblazing efforts by the players in the field would also mean that in 2022, the complete process of converting a piece of data into insight would be further expedited and simplified.




Speaking about the opportunities that lie in the offing in 2022, Mr. Rajesh Murthy, Vice President of Intellicus said, “The correlation among numerous data systems creates a cycle of opportunities where enterprises can run efficiently for their own betterment and the economic prosperity of the country. The power of business intelligence is that it can make enterprises respect and be driven by the data. Intellicus provides meticulously engineered BI products with AI & ML capabilities to large and small-scale enterprises globally. We invest in R&D and innovation to bring new technologies to our customers’ benefit. We have seen expedited growth in our company in 2021. With the BI industry expected to touch nearly USD 30 billion in 2022, we are driven in our efforts to be the propulsion in this process.”



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