IntrCity SmartBus Sets New Standard for Tracking Punctuality in Bus Travel Industry

Emphasizing punctuality as a key pillar of customer promise

Setting industry standard for on-time punctuality (OTP)

Positioning buses as the preferred mode of travel for middle India (‘Bharat’)

India, August 31, 2023: IntrCity SmartBus, India’s leading inter-city mobility platform, has taken a significant leap towards enhancing customer trust and confidence by becoming the first travel mode in the country to publicly publish its on-time punctuality (OTP) data on a monthly basis. With Safety and Reliability already being the pillars of their promise to customers, IntrCity SmartBus now adds Punctuality to its core values, solidifying its commitment to offering the best travel experience in India.

Punctuality has always been a critical aspect of IntrCity SmartBus’s operations. Understanding the importance of timeliness for bus users and acknowledging reliability as a key factor in their choice of travel service, the company has made it a top priority to ensure buses adhere to their operational schedules. This dedication has yielded impressive results, as the recent customer data shows that punctuality ranks as one of the most critical considerations when selecting a bus service.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Manish Rathi, Co-founder & CEO IntrCity SmartBus said “We are thrilled to usher in a new era of transparency and accountability in the Indian travel industry with the public release of our on-time punctuality data. At IntrCity SmartBus, punctuality is not just a promise but a deeply ingrained value. By sharing this data, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to our customers and strive to build their trust in our services. Our vision is to make buses the preferred mode of travel for middle India (‘Bharat’), and this initiative is a significant step towards achieving that goal. We believe that by measuring, managing, and improving our punctuality, we can redefine the travel experience and empower millions of travelers across the country.”

IntrCity SmartBus adheres to global industry standards in measuring OTP, where any bus departing or arriving within 15 minutes of its scheduled time is considered on-time. The decision to publish monthly on-time data in the public domain is driven by IntrCity SmartBus’s belief that measuring performance is the first step towards managing and improving it. By making this data available for public consumption, the company aims to foster transparency and build trust among travelers, leading to greater confidence in the entire travel system.

As India continues to invest significantly in highway infrastructure, IntrCity SmartBus envisions buses becoming the preferred mode of travel for the vast middle India population (‘Bharat’). Publishing punctuality data is a crucial stride towards establishing buses as the most popular travel option.

Key Characteristics of IntrCity SmartBus Services:

Daily Services: 260

Monthly Passenger Base: 450,000

Average Distance/Service: 410 kilometers

Popular Journey Hours: 8 pm – 7 am

Bus Operations: 14 States

Top 5 Causes for Delays:

Within City Traffic Jams

Border/City Inspections

Bus Failures

Customer Emergency

Natural Causes (Rains, Fog, etc.)

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