Jaaz Offers A Memorable Bathing Experience To Users With Its Multi-Function Shower

For most people, getting a shower symbolizes starting the day on a fresh note. Many take a shower to rejuvenate themselves after going through a tiresome day at work. It is important that you get the kind of shower installed in your bathroom that is convenient to use, equipped with advanced features, and functions well. Durability is also one of the most important factors you need to consider while investing in a new shower setup. When you spent a lot of money on acquiring a shower, you expect it offers you good value for money. The multi-function shower by Jaaz offers all this and more.

Talking about this innovative multi-function shower, Mittal Shah, Co-Founder & CEO Of Jaaz, says, “Since 2009, we have been providing our customers with high-quality bathroom fixtures and equipment. This multi-function shower, we believe, is one of the best offerings by the company. It offers you everything that you expect from a modern, high-end shower but also boasts of several features that you wouldn’t have come across in the showers that you might have used in the past. We did a survey and found out that most of our customers who bought this shower have recommended it strongly to their relatives, friends, and colleagues.”

In the last several years, scientists and researchers have brought to the fore many of the benefits associated with a good shower. Apart from bringing down body fatigue, taking a shower contributes towards increasing your blood flow. It is also known to be helpful to those who suffer from breathing issues. If you have been suffering from low immunity levels, taking a shower regularly would help you tremendously. Jaaz’s multi-function shower provides users with all these health benefits.

Elaborating on the same, Mittal Shah states, “Whenever we develop a new product, we make a conscious effort to integrate various elements in it that would improve your health and lead you towards a healthier lifestyle. While producing these products, we make it a point to consult health experts. Our multi-function shower has been manufactured with the same philosophy and objective. When you take a shower using this product, you will feel rejuvenated and far more energetic. It offers both short-term and long-term benefits.”

Featuring multiple modes, the multi-function shower by Jaaz offers you a good number of customizable options. It gives you the freedom to make it work according to your preferences and comfort. Though it comes with a modern mechanism, even the ones who have never used a shower in their lives can operate it easily. Despite featuring high-end technology and offering solid performance, it comes at an affordable price.

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As a brand, Jaaz is known to offer high-quality products at an affordable and fair price point. The products manufactured by Jaaz are available at a price range of INR 37,000 – INR 1, 09, 000. Depending on the product you are buying, you get a warranty of anywhere between 1 – 10 years. Time and again, it has brought innovation to the fore with its extraordinary products that have, often, set a benchmark for washroom fixtures and equipment. With the arrival of its multi-function shower, it has proved, yet again, that it takes its commitment towards quality and innovation very seriously.

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