JICA links IITH-Renesas Partnership for Semiconductor Innovation in India

JICA Supports Strategic Collaboration in High-End Technologies like Semiconductors between India and Japan in Alignment with India’s “Make in India” Strategy

Hyderabad, 06 June 2024: The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) welcomes the strategic collaboration between the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IITH) and Renesas Electronics Corporation, a premier global supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions based in Japan, through a three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This partnership, facilitated by the IITH Japan Desk established with JICA’s support, aims to drive innovation and talent development in India’s semiconductor industry, underscoring JICA’s commitment to supporting high-end technological advancements in India.

The MOU focuses on research and collaboration in the field of very-large-scale-integration (VLSI) and embedded semiconductor systems. Renesas will support curriculum development, hands-on learning, and outreach programs at IITH to nurture semiconductor talent. IITH engineering students will have opportunities for internships and full-time employment with Renesas, aligning with India’s “Make in India” strategy to build a self-reliant semiconductor ecosystem for India and the world.

JICA has been a long-standing partner of IITH, providing financial assistance for campus development through ODA loans totaling JPY 23,035 million (around INR 1,500 crores) and conducting the technical cooperation project, FRIENDSHIP. This project supports IITH’s initiatives to function as a sustainable platform for academic and industrial collaborations between India and Japan, such as the establishment of the Japan Desk on campus. A notable achievement supported by JICA is Renesas’ success, which exemplifies IITH’s role in fostering India-Japan collaboration in strategic sectors like semiconductors. The Japan Desk at IITH acts as a bridge between India and Japan, promoting academic and industrial partnerships, unlocking the full potential of these collaborations, and continuing to connect Japanese stakeholders with IITH for future tangible collaborations.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. SAITO Mitsunori, Chief Representative, JICA India, stated, “The IITH-Renesas partnership represents a significant milestone for Indo-Japan collaboration in semiconductor sector as envisaged in the “Japan-India Semiconductor Supply Chain Partnership” between the two governments, and JICA is delighted to have contributed to such an important partnership. Promotion of Indo-Japan collaboration in high-end technologies such as semiconductors will be a new but important sphere of JICA’s cooperation with India as the largest and closest development partner of the country. ”

JICA reaffirms its commitment to supporting IITH’s aspirations to emerge as a hub for India’s talent development, a nucleus for India-Japan academic collaborations, and a key player in India’s “Make in India” initiative, including in the semiconductor sector.

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