Jump and make millions with Meta Matsuri, the Roblox of GameFi

Meta Matsuri takes play to earn to the next level


Singapore, 6th May 2022:  There’s no question that the gaming industry is on the upswing. Thanks to advances in technology, there are more ways to play than ever before. And now, blockchain games are poised to take the industry by storm. GameFi is a prime example of how this new technology can be used to create immersive, engaging gaming experiences. By allowing players to earn cryptocurrency as they play, GameFi is opening up a whole new world of possibilities. Not only can gamers generate a secondary income, but they can also become crypto-wealthy! With GameFi and other blockchain games, it’s clear that the gaming industry is ushering in a new golden age.

The paradigm of GameFi has turned video games into a viable source of secondary income. In fact, many players, especially those in developing countries, are increasingly turning to play blockchain games as their primary career. For example, a Filipino Uber driver, Kookoo Crypto, became a millionaire from playing the NFT-based game Axie Infinity which he learned to play during the pandemic time. His experience is not rare as the GameFi space continues to empower and propels individuals into the next generation of crypto wealth.

Complex Gameplays create barriers to GameFi for the Masses

One big obstacle to GameFi for mass adoption is often the complex gameplay geared towards serious gamers who are used to playing the MMORPG genres. This excludes casual gamers that can be of all ages and could gain massive benefits from the GameFi ecosystem.

Meta Matsuri is on a mission to change the landscape of GameFi for millions of people around the world to own part of a brand. The word Matsuri is Japanese for festival or holiday, which symbolises hope and fun – two things that are integral to the human experience. The Meta Matsuri game-verse is designed to be a world of mini-games where it’s easy to play and be inclusive for the world of GameFi. Developers are encouraged to unleash their creativity and create mini-games similar to the Roblox model.

The first game Reza, developed by the Meta Matsuri team, is set in a Japanese carnival setting where a player must jump to avoid cheeky lasers that went out of control. Meta Matsuri’s games are designed with an emphasis on fun and learning, making them perfect for anyone who want to learn about gaming culture without being overwhelmed. Plus, with so many different games to choose from, there’s sure to be something for everyone. So whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just getting started, the Meta Matsuri game-verse is the perfect place to have fun and start earning.

To facilitate growth and potential governance of the ecosystem, Meta Matsuri tokens will be minted. These tokens can be used for in-game purchases, priority access to new mini-games, or new collectible items in the future. A fair launch of the coin will happen towards the end of May/early June 2022 to put Meta Matsuri gameverse into the hands of the community. The coins are expected to be sold out as only a minority of the coin supply will be made available for sales. The remaining coin supply will be reserved for liquidity and community building. More information about the launch will be released at a further date.

Join Meta Matsuri community for a world for millions to make millions and jump into the new age of GameFi for the masses!


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