K.G.F Star Archana Jois Imbues Women’s Spirit at Sakra World Hospital’s #InspireInclusion Walkathon

Bangalore, 22 March 2024: Sakra World Hospital proudly commemorated International Women’s Day with a walkathon, titled #InspireInclusion in Bengaluru on Friday. The event was flagged off by Chief Guest Ms. Archana Jois – a renowned actress from the blockbuster K.G.F movies, and recipient of the 8th SIIMA Awards for Best Supporting Actress in Kannada cinema. Ms. Jois, who is celebrated for her impactful roles and steadfast advocacy for women’s rights, inspired participants with her profound insights and empowering experiences. Over 400 individuals from the corporate sector and the general public actively participated in the walkathon.

The walkathon was organized to celebrate the achievements of women while promoting inclusivity and women empowerment in our society. The event was also a platform to raise awareness about gender equality, diversity, and the importance of inclusion in all spheres of life.

“Women should be celebrated every day for being historical icons as well as inspiring future generations. Each woman’s success is a ray of hope for others, encouraging us to support and uplift one another. Let’s be courageous and strong, creating a world where every woman thrives,” said Ms. Jois, after kicking off the Walkathon.

Recognizing that healthy women play a vital role in the well-being of their families and the broader society, the walkathon highlighted the importance of women’s holistic wellness. The event also helped break stereotypes and stigmas women face daily, particularly concerning health and social well-being.

Addressing the event, PJ Gurupradha Poonja, Associate Vice President, Sakra World Hospital, Bengaluru, remarked, “We are extremely delighted to host the #InspireInclusion Walkathon, championing an environment where everyone is embraced and respected. A woman is always precious, and can never be ordinary. It’s our mission to honor women’s achievements, foster diversity, promote health, and advocate for equality. Today, we celebrate the courage and resilience of women worldwide. We should always remember that a woman’s health is her greatest treasure, benefiting herself and the world.”

Ms. Nita Veigas, Head of Human Resources at Sakra World Hospital Bengaluru, said, “As women, reshaping our self-perception is essential. We must step forward and lead, not just in pursuing our dreams but also in health. It’s vital to safeguard women’s health, embracing their complete well-being—mind, body, and spirit—for overall wellness.”

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