K-Pop sensation Aoora greets Indian K-POP fans, announces deadline extension for ‘All India K-POP Contest 2024’ Presented by LG to June 28th”

Aoora to perform in Bengaluru at the opening event of regional round of ‘All India K-POP Contest 2024.

The ‘All India K-POP Contest 2024 presented by LG’ organised by Korean Cultural Centre India in collaboration with LG Electronics India has already set the stage afire, with over 7,000 registrations since the start of the preliminary online round on May 17th. But this week, the contest received a major boost from none other than the K-pop sensation Aoora, who announced in a video message to his fans that he would give a blockbuster performance in the opening event of the regional round that will be held in Bengaluru.

Aoora regularly shares a variety of videos featuring his lively persona on social media. These videos quickly gain widespread attention and have a notable influence nationwide. Aoora has fun dancing energetically to “Angaaron” from the film “Pushpa 2″ in his latest content. He then turns to the camera and addresses his fans. “Hello everyone! Annyeonghaseyo! Namaste! This is Aoora! Guess what? I am so excited to share with you all that this year, I will be performing at the opening of the regional rounds in Bengaluru for the All-India K-pop Contest 2024 presented by LG. Can’t wait to meet you all there!”
Aoora urges all the K-pop fans in India to register for the contest before the deadline for the preliminary online round ends on June 28th which is the new extended deadline.

He added “Want to join the fun with me? Don’t miss out—register for the contest now! Head over to the LG website and sign up! The online rounds launched with a blast across India and are currently in its full swing. Let’s make some unforgettable memories together! Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to showcase your talent and Passion for K pop, it’s going to be an epic showcase of talent! So, get ready to shine! And remember, it’s all about having fun and celebrating our love for KPOP! So, let’s see your talent, India! Are you all ready?”
The participants can register for the contest, which is set to be grander and more immersive this year, until June 28th , 2024. The winners of the ‘All India K-POP Contest 2024 presented by LG’ will get an opportunity to visit Korea.
Earlier, the contestants participating in the preliminary online round for this year’s
‘All India K-POP Contest 2024 presented by LG’ received support from popular K-Pop boy band MCND and the electric K-pop band X:IN. Aoora is the third artist to release a video message in support of the contestants who are taking part in the preliminary online round.
This edition of the All India K-pop event is much bigger and spans 11 regions, including Mumbai and Delhi, with high-quality stages like the one at the prestigious Yashobhoomi Convention Centre in New Delhi. The aim is to provide an unmatched K-pop experience, supported by the best technical and all-around assistance. Within three weeks of the start of the preliminary online round, there have been more than 7,000 registrations, reflecting the participants’ dedication and passion. The technical skills and expressions of participants are particularly impressive, winning hearts across India.

Social media engagement regarding the All India K-Pop Contest 2024 presented by LG has been high, with audience anticipation steadily increasing. Since the end of March, even before online registration began, the Korean Cultural Centre India has received approximately 4,000 direct messages. Additionally, participants from the all the regions are showing active participation for the contest. This demonstrates that K-pop is expanding significantly in India. In response to this heightened interest, the deadline for the preliminary online rounds has been extended to 28th June.”

This year’s event promises advanced technicalities and grander experiences, making it more memorable and exciting. As the contest progresses, the competition will become even more electrifying, with several surprises in store for all K-pop fans.

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