PHDCCI Recommendations for Strengthening India’s Health Infrastructure

PHDCCI leadership recently met with FM Nirmala Sitharaman and shared its Pre-Budget Memorandum for Union Budget 2024-25, which includes recommendations on the urgent need to bolster India’s health infrastructure. We request you to please incorporate these recommendations by Dr. Deep Goel, Chair, Health Committee, PHDCCI, in your upcoming stories:

“The pandemic has brought the country’s health infrastructure into sharp focus, highlighting the critical position of the public health sector and the need for increased Government spending on public health. There is a need to correct the imbalances in the availability of affordable healthcare facilities in different parts of the country and augment facilities for quality medical education in the under-served states.

There is a need to step up investments in the sector for highly skilled human resources from doctors to other medical support staff like nurses, lab technicians, and pharmacists, among others who are highly trained for unforeseen events such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The correction of imbalances in the availability of affordable healthcare facilities across different regions and a concerted effort to enhance the quality of medical education, particularly in underserved states, should be undertaken.

To fortify our healthcare system, it is imperative to boost investments in the sector, ensuring a well-trained and highly skilled workforce, including doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and pharmacists, capable of effectively responding to unforeseen events such as pandemics. It is recommended that redirection of resources to expand healthcare facilities, the provision of incentives to attract and retain healthcare professionals, and the implementation of comprehensive public health emergency preparedness plans must be done. Embracing technological advancements, promoting preventive healthcare, and seeking international collaboration are essential steps to ensure the resilience and preparedness of our vital health infrastructure. There is a need to focus on building well-equipped primary Healthcare Centers and Government hospitals across the country especially at the Tehsil/ Block level. Make health centers available within a radius of 1 km and Hospitals within a radius of 10 km”.

Do let us know if any further information is required; the Health Committee Chair is also available for an interview regarding the same.

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