*Kavya Thapar Reveals Her Favorite Sweets to eat During Lohri*

Lohri marks the first Indian festival of the New Year. Makar Sankranti is celebrated on January 14 every year, but the dates may sometimes vary. The Harvest festival of India is also known for the various winter food dishes, prepared in every Indian home during this time. From sweet to savoury dishes, traditional foods bring a charm to the celebrations! Actress Kavya Thapar’s love for such traditional sweets has been unveiled as she induldes the names of the mithais that she loves the most during this festival.

“Relishing Gur aur aate ka halwa, and on Lohri makes it more festive. Although I try to cut down my intake, sweets are one such thing that are hard to resist. The atmosphere of Lohri frees people from the worldly mundane routine and make them relaxed, cheerful, and happy. I love that it is the time when people from all castes and social strata come together forgetting all past differences and grievances. Every year Lohri is victorious in bridging the social gap, as people visit homes, distribute sweets, and greet each other”

Talking about how she used to celebrate it in childhood and her fondest memory of the festival, Kavya Says
“I have many amazing childhood memories linked with Lohri and the vibrancy of this festival. The songs, the games, the food and the coming together of families will always be something I’ll cherish”.

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