Korean Cultural Centre India invites Korea & K-Art lovers to join us at the India Art Fair 2024, presenting the remarkable art works of Leeleenam Studio as the representative media arts of Korea.

The exhibition is scheduled to unfold to the public from 3rd to 4th February 2024 at Booth No. J04, NSIC Exhibition Grounds, Okhla, New Delhi.


The Korean Comics Museum hosted an exhibition featuring a digital folding screen artwork, a collaboration between iconic Korean comic artists and classic Asian paintings. This piece includes works like Lee Doo-ho’s Mudori, Shin Mun-su’s Robot Jjibba, Park Soo-dong’s Dolmen Gobau, Yoon Seung-woon’s Stubborn Frog School>, and ancient paintings.

The artwork digitally transcends the boundaries of monitor frames, eras, and countries, satirizing the power dynamics in contemporary art through the metaphor of cannonballs flying through art history and modern issues. It aims to critique the cartoon-like nature of the real world by encapsulating stories from ancient times to the present within the beauty of the four seasons.

*Original: From the Left
by Yi In-mun, by Gwak Hee, by Jeon Gi, by Uijae Heo Baek-ryeon,. Another also by Uijae Heo Baek-ryeon.


The artwork is inspired by two pieces of the same name by Shin Saimdang, a prominent female painter of the Joseon Dynasty known for her exceptional skill in poetry, calligraphy, and painting. This contemporary work intertwines the two original pieces in a crossover fashion. Shin Saimdang’s is renowned for its delicate and smooth expression, creating an almost lifelike portrayal of plants and insects. These works are celebrated for their detailed and gentle artistic style, which has a significant place in art history, marking, painting’s artistic essence while incorporating contemporary digital techniques, aiming to showcase a new style of painting. The goal was to imbue the paper with life, capturing the stillness of grass and insects, thereby unfolding Shin Saimdang’s meticulous expression through a modern lens. This approach not only honors the original work’s vibrancy but also bridges it with contemporary sensibilities, blending historical artistry with modern digital art forms.

The first of the six essential principles in Eastern painting, known as (육법), is (기운생동). This principle emphasizes vividly capturing the essence of life inherent in the subject. The use of digital techniques has revitalized long-forgotten paintings, infusing them with life and vividly conveying the inherent vitality of all things. This artwork represents a modern reinterpretation of the values of classical painting, facilitated by digital technology. It seeks to evoke emotions and sentiments that emerge from the intersection of the sensibilities of Shin Saimdang, a historical figure, and contemporary viewers.

*Original:Shin Saimdang’s


LEE has attempted to animate the original Bamboo painting by Kim, Hong-do who is one of the masters from the late Chosun Dinasty, expressed by the effect of darkness and light with Chinese ink, through the digital way of reinterpretation. It is for infusing a fresh life from out of the traditional picture frame by the digital effect of gentle wind blowing and snow scene, and for generating new values and interest for contemporary audiences in the role of a bridge to connect classic with modern art. The audience would be expected to feel a sort of Utopia through the new way of communication by integrating the classical beauty and digital technology.

Web link : https://india.korean-culture.org/en/270/board/123/read/127888

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