Moduco and Puerto Verde Holdings Forge Strategic Alliance for Sustainable Construction in Texas

Surat, Gujarat- January 29, 2024: Moduco and Puerto Verde Holdings are together pleased to announce the signing of the landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to drive Texas’ construction unit manufacturing. The deal was formalized during a ceremonial delegation visit headed by Governor Greg Abbott, marking a significant turning point for environmentally friendly building methods in the area.

Among the notable attendees at the event were Arun Agarwal, the vice chair of Texas economic development, Jane Nelson, the state secretary of Texas, and Ruben Garibay from Puerto Verde Holdings.

With invitations from important economic development organizations across the United States, this partnership represents an enormous potential for Moduco in 2024 and highlights the importance of its creative construction methodology.

The company is well-known for producing environmentally friendly residences, workplaces, and structures, and is poised to have a significant influence on Texas’ building market. The business’s use of environmentally friendly materials demonstrates its dedication to ethical building methods.

“In the evolving landscape, the world is swiftly transitioning, with manufacturing embracing 80% technology and 20% manual machinery. Strikingly, the construction industry stands in reverse. Even in this golden age of technology, construction persists in manual processes. Post-COVID, it is high time we embrace the change. Whether today or tomorrow, change is inevitable. The wise embrace it early, securing the benefits of transformation,” says Naitik Lakhani, Founder & CEO at Moduco. “Our commitment to environmentally friendly materials aligns perfectly with Puerto Verde Holdings’ vision for a greener future.”

“Moduco is transforming global home construction, delivering better, faster, and safer processes. As the Master Distributor for Texas and Partner in the upcoming Mexico Factory, I, recognize Moduco’s impact: a revolutionary solution for everyone. Proud to be part of Moduco’s success, its streamlined processes ensure superior quality at an affordable price—changing the game in America and beyond,” said Ricardo Montoya, Master Associate Partner of Moduco Texas.

In the words of Ruben Garibay, Chairman, Puerto Verde Holdings, USA, “We are pleased to be collaborating with MODUCO on this fantastic project that serves our mutual goal of providing affordable housing at a level of quality that homeowners deserve. The chosen region will consume thousands of a wide variety of homes and products MODUCO will produce with local labor.”

Governor Greg Abbott, the first lady, and all those present are thanked by Moduco for their support as they embark on this incredible journey. Moduco is unwavering in its resolve to transform the building industry by utilizing ecologically conscious and sustainable methods.

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