Kyrsten Sinema

Kyrsten Sinema is a US politician and a Senator from Arizona. She is a member of the Democratic Party, an attorney and social worker. In the 2018 Democratic primary in Arizona, Sinema raced ahead of Deedra Abboud by a significant margin. She received close to 80% of the votes. In the Senate General Election in Arizona, she fought Martha McSally of Republican Party in a close contest. She received 1,191,100 votes, as compared to 1,135,200 of her nearest rival.

Prior to her entry in US Senate, Sinema had won elections in Arizona House of Representatives, Arizona Senate and U.S. House of Representatives. She has served as state representative for three terms, state senator for one term and United States Representative for Arizona’s 9th congressional district for three terms.

Early life and education

Kyrsten Sinema was born on July 12, 1976 in Tucson, Arizona. She was born to Marilyn (Wiley) and Dan Sinema and has a Frisian descent. Her great-great grandfather had immigrated to the United States way back in 1867. Over generations, the family journeyed through Iowa, Idaho, and Phoenix, Arizona. Sinema had been witness to hardships at a young age with developments like her mother’s divorce and financial issues related to her stepfather. There was a time when the family had to live in an abandoned gas station.

Sinema graduated from Walton High School and completed B.A. from Brigham Young University (BYU). Later, she was conferred with a Master of Social Work degree from Arizona State University on account of her work as a social worker. In 2004, she received a J.D. degree from Arizona State University College of Law. Subsequently, she started practicing as a criminal defense lawyer. Sinema also has a Ph.D. in justice studies, which she got from Arizona State in 2012.

Political career

Kyrsten Sinema started her political career with the Arizona Green Party. During her initial years in politics, she had once worked for the presidential campaign of Ralph Nader. She had also contested in local elected offices as an independent. However, she had lost these elections. In 2004, she joined the Arizona Democratic Party.

During her political career, she has expressed her opinion on various issues such as abortion, capital punishment, minimum wages, gun control, immigration, etc. She has also supported LGBT rights. Sinema is the first openly bisexual individual to be elected to the Senate and House of Representatives.

Personal pursuits

Kyrsten Sinema believes that her success in life has been made possible with the help of her teachers, family, church and the government. She continues to work for the welfare of the society.

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