Why you should shop online for bedroom mirrors

Have you ever considered buying your bedroom furniture online? If you want to get your feet wet with this new furniture shopping experience, a bedroom mirror is a great place to start. Online furniture stores offer a wide range of styles, designs, shapes, and sizes of bedroom mirrors. Some mount to dressers, some can mount to the wall, and some are supported by their own tilting base. These are just some of the options available.

Aside from the very large selection of bedroom mirrors on 1StopBedrooms there are a lot of great reasons to buy your mirror online.

Types of bedroom mirrors

Your local furniture store isn’t going to have much selection in the way of mirrors. In fact, most people are completely unaware of the many types of mirrors that work well in the bedroom. The most popular types of mirrors are:

Stationary or tilting dresser mirrors

Most dresser mirrors are designed to be able to tilt as desired, but sometimes you may need to mount the mirror permanently to make a new mirror work with an old dresser. Some people also prefer their bedroom mirror to be stationary.

Stationary or tilting floor mirrors

If you want to get a new bedroom mirror and you don’t want to deal with trying to find one that works with your existing dresser or other furniture, a floor mirror is a good option. Many of these are works of art themselves, and they add a beautiful and functional statement piece to your bedroom. If you look at all of the options for these floor mirrors, you’ll find that some models even house hidden jewelry storage.

Mirrors mounted to a wall

Unless you can be certain that the mirror is being supported by studs, it isn’t a good idea to mount a heavy mirror on your wall. Your door is also an inappropriate place to mount heavy mirrors. If you want to save space and hassle by getting a mirror that mounts easily to the wall or door, a cheap full-length bathroom mirror will suffice. If you really want something fancier, get a mirror that is longer than it is tall so that the weight can be more evenly distributed. Of course, this won’t allow you to see your full figure.

Online clearance catalogs

Online furniture retailers have access to larger inventories than your local furniture store, which means that you will be able to search many mirrors on one online clearance catalog. If your bedroom furniture set is only a few years old, you might even luck out and come across a bedroom mirror from the same furniture collection, or from a similar collection from the same brand. Clearance catalogs also come with clearance prices, saving you hundreds.

Free delivery

While your local furniture store likely charges quite a bit for delivery, most online furniture stores offer free delivery over a certain purchase amount. If you find yourself just a bit shy, consider getting some décor or an area rug to tie the mirror into the rest of your bedroom’s interior design. However, keep in mind that delivery from online furniture stores are to your home, but it doesn’t include mounting on a dresser or wall. You will have to place the mirror yourself.

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