Latest car technologies coming your way in 2019

Addition of new car technologies is making vehicles easier and safer to drive. These features can help the driver to get a better view of what is around them and extends extra help to prevent collisions. To help car buyers choose the best latest technology for their new car, we’ve put together the latest car technologies coming your way in 2019. You’d be surprised to know what the recently released 2019 models carry in them.

  1. Digital Gauges

In some models, digital gauges are replacing physical, static gauges to create a dynamic screen for providing more customizable and relevant information. Not only information but it will also provide a better view of vehicle performance and behaviour and can also corporate navigation directions. One of the leading designs in the industry is Audi’s Virtual Cockpit system.

  1. High Resolution, Multi-Angle Surround View Cameras

Nowadays, surround-view cameras are making a shift from luxury vehicles into mainstream sedans and family SUVs. To minimize blind spots and assist with parking these cameras are a great help and can improve visibility outside of the vehicle and to keep an eye on back-seat passengers. Clean, crisp, high-res imagery replaced the traditionally low-res feeds.

  1. Semi-Autonomous Driving

Though we are years away from vehicles that can drive on their own, semi-autonomous feature compensates for human error. Cadillac’s Super Cruise system is the most noteworthy development in this area. It can pilot the vehicle at speeds of 0 to 85 miles per hour enabling the driver to take their hands off the wheel. In the very near future, more automakers are expected to introduce their own versions like in the case of Tesla.

  1. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

This feature allows you to connect your smartphone to the car’s infotainment screen in a better way which in turn enables you to take advantage of your contacts, music and apps. The ability to use smartphone navigation apps is the king among the benefits. BMW is one among the automakers who are offering the connection wirelessly.

  1. Road Scanning

Luxury cars provide a more advanced feature called Road Scanning. This feature basically uses the camera to search the road ahead for defects and adjusts automatically the vehicle’s suspension to account for them. Though it’s not widely available yet, it provides a quieter, slicker ride and is recommended for high-end vehicles. Mercedes-Benz’s Magic Body is one among the leaders in this area.


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