Lavish Lions is set to disrupt the Solana NFT ecosystem

The year 2021 has been proven to be an outstanding one for the industry, with 2022 on track to be even bigger in terms of growth and development, which ultimately brings us the challenge of choosing the correct investment. One of the reasons why this choice is so hard to make is due to the fact that a lot of NFT collections out there don’t really benefit their holders or have minimal impact on the problems that they claim to solve. This can make projects boring as the community has nothing to do besides bragging about owning a piece from a useless collection and setting it as their avatar on social media platforms.

So what really is Lavish Lions and how will it combat these problems? Well, so far it’s growing to become an awesome project which sets out to be extremely rewarding to its holders, with its beautiful and exclusive hand-drawn 2D art and 3D Lion Model which is fully compatible and can be integrated right into the metaverses on the Solana blockchain. The confident team has claimed to be introducing staking and rewards to the holders of the 20 most unique NFTs from the stunning collection. This introduces an element of passive income to the reward-seeking investors which allows them to have an income from a digital asset.

The future of Lavish Lions seems to be very promising, certain projects with similar utility have brought in mass amounts of passive income to their holders and Lavish Lions aims to stay and change the game by innovating the way passive income can be acquired from NFTs.

Lavish Lions already have a welcoming community with new investors joining every second of the day and helping others with the whitelist process and conversating about the unique traits that the Lions will have. The highly attractive unique Traits have been hand-drawn by the skilled team over the span of 4 months indicating how precise each and every detail is.

Many of the curious investors have already joined the Discord server to find out all of the other benefits of becoming a member of the Lavish Lion kingdom. They’re all now looking forward to becoming an owner of a Lavish Lion and utilising all of the benefits presented by the assertive team. You can also join the kingdom by visiting and following their progress on Twitter @lavishlionsnft.

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