Indian Public Alliance (IPA) demands small states like Saurashtra, Bundelkhand, Poorvanchal etc

Late Shri Morarji Desai, a senior leader of the Janata Party and the former Prime Minister of India, who was once opposed to the partition of Maharashtra and Gujarat on linguistic lines, but was deeply hurt by the neglect of Saurashtra in his last days, many of the dignitaries of Saurashtra, former royals had urged Morarji Desai to make Saurashtra a separate state. The Janata Party government fell even before Morarji Desai could take some initiative to create a separate Saurashtra.

On the initiative of Morarji Desai, Ashok Parekh, an activist from Gujarat, founded the Saurashtra Janata Paksha, but for a long time, the demand of the Saurashtra Janata Paksha for a separate Saurashtra remained pending.

The present national president of Janata party Navneet Chaturvedi and Saurashtra Janata Paksha president Shakti Upadhyaya came together to form a new political alliance Indian public alliance IPA, IPA is being named as a third front in the context of India’s upcoming politics.

Janata Party National President Navneet Chaturvedi, who is also the Chairman of the IPA, has said that this third front of politics, the IPA supports the demand of smaller states, the IPA will go into the upcoming Gujarat Assembly elections with the demand to separate Saurashtra from Gujarat and make Saurashtra a new state. At the same time, they demand a new state by separating Western UP, Bundelkhand, Purvanchal from Uttar Pradesh and making Mithilanchal a separate state from Bihar.

IPA secretary and Saurashtra Janata Paksha president Shakti Upadhyaya say that like-minded political parties are welcome to the IPA [Indian Public Alliance]. A common minimum programme has been decided under the banner of IPA. On these issues, IPA will go among the public and contest elections.

Saurashtra, Mithilanchal, Purvanchal, Bundelkhand, Western UP became separate states

Electoral reforms should be announced in which election expenditure of political parties should be limited and there should not be election symbols, etc. In every Assembly Lok Sabha, the candidates should only ask for votes on their name and face and not on the party symbol, it will be a big step towards political

Janata Party founder Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan had raised the demand for Right to Recall, under the Right Recall, the public should get the right to call back the nonfunctioning MLA or

The declining credibility of constitutional institutions must be saved

There should be no suppression of civil rights, freedom of expression, right to privacy, right to religious freedom,

Police lathi charge suppression on peaceful agitation, satyagraha, dharna demonstration, etc. should all be stopped

Opposing the forcible introduction of masks and forced vaccines, the suppression of civil rights in the name of the epidemic act is

When voted to power, the public undertakings being sold will be re-nationalised.

Electoral bonds will be canceled if voted to

Donations will be allowed to come to political parties only through

Every candidate should be given election funds through the Central Election

Under the banner of IPA Indian Public Alliance, Janata Party and Saurashtra Janata Paksha are going to contest all the seats in the upcoming Gujarat Assembly elections, a Grand public relations (Jan Sampark) campaign is being launched, and work on organisational expansion is underway. While many former royals of Saurashtra have raised the demand for a separate Saurashtra in support of this move, there is also a lot of enthusiasm among the Gujarati NRI groups based in the US and England in favour of the IPA on the demand for a separate Saurashtra.

Navneet Chaturvedi – National President Janata Party and Chairman, Indian Public Alliance (IPA)

Shakti Upadhyaya – National President Saurashtra Janata Paksha and Secretary Indian Public Alliance (IPA)

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