Long Term Relief Possible For Thyroid Patientswith Ayurvedic Treatment

Due tostressful lifestyles and unhealthy food choices, an increasing number of people are being diagnosed with thyroid problems these days. An endocrine gland, the thyroid gland is located in the neck. It is very important, as all cells in the body need the thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) hormones produced by thyroid gland for normal functioning. Thyroid problems can cause various symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, depression, sensitivity to heat and cold, weight loss or weight gain, and poor concentration. The conventional approach is to use chemical-based medicines to treat thyroid problems, but these often have side effects and may not be able to provide long-term relief. This is why many people are choosing Ayurvedic treatment to get long-term relief from thyroid problems.

Ayurveda is very effective in the treatment of thyroid problems, as it works to eliminate the root cause of the disease. Thyroid problems are caused when there is imbalance in the thyroid gland. When the thyroid gland is underactive, it is known as hypothyroidism. In this case, the thyroid is not able to produce the required amount of thyroxine hormone. Similarly, when the thyroid gland becomes overactive, it starts producing too much thyroxine. This condition is known as hyperthyroidism. Imbalances in the body and toxin buildup cause the thyroid gland to malfunction. Ayurvedic treatment is very effective in treating thyroid problems, as it helps restore the balance between the body’s bio energies – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Ayurvedic treatment also removes toxins from the body, which helps the thyroid gland to regain normal functioning.

Ayurvedic treatment for thyroid problems has to be provided by a qualified and experienced Ayurveda doctor. Every patient has a different health profile, which has to be assessed to determine the exact course of Ayurvedic treatment. An expert Ayurveda doctor will be the best judge of a patient’s condition and they will be able to prescribe the most appropriate Ayurvedic treatment for thyroid problems.It would help the patient to achieve long-term relief and possibly a complete cure from their thyroid problem.

For best results, lifestyle changes will have to be incorporated by the patient diagnosed with thyroid problems. Ayurvedic treatment works best when the patient adopts a healthy lifestyle. For example, it would be beneficial if the patient invests some time daily in light exercises such as brisk walking. The patient will also have to eat a healthy diet comprising nutritious home-cooked food made from vegetables, whole grains, lentils, dairy products, etc. Fruits and nuts & seeds will also be useful for patients suffering from thyroid problems.

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