Lost Treasures That Can Make You Super Rich

Since centuries, humanity has consistently created wealth. This was made available in different forms such as gold, silver, diamonds, jewelry, artifacts, paintings, and various other articles of high value. The intriguing thing is that many of these treasures are currently lost or stolen. There have been various wars, natural calamities and lack of proper succession, which resulted in these high value items getting lost. Some were also lost during transportation such as a ship that sunk or was looted by pirates. To give you an idea about the riches that may be lying out there unnoticed, here’s a quick look at some highly valued lost treasures in the world.

Ark of the Covenant – Made of wood and gold, this chest is considered to have once housed the two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments. According to old documents, the chest also had a pot of manna and Aaron’s rod. The Ark of the Covenant is said to have been lost after 587 BC, when Babylonians invaded and destroyed Jerusalem and Solomon’s Temple. As centuries have passed, it’s difficult to determine if the Ark is still hidden somewhere or lost completely.

Sarcophagus of Menkaure – This was found in Menkaure pyramid, one of the pyramids at Giza, constructed sometime around 2500 B.C. The sarcophagus was found by Howard Vyse, an English military officer. He had used explosives to make his way inside the pyramid. The sarcophagus was supposed to reach England by sea route. However, the merchant ship Beatrice sank during the journey. If the ship can be found, the sarcophagus can be recovered.

The Amber Room – Originally located at Tsarskoe Selo, near St. Petersburg, the Amber Room was created in 18th century inside Catherine Palace. The artwork comprised of gold and around 1,000 pounds (450 kilograms) of amber. During World War II, the artwork was captured by Germans and taken to their country. Since then, all records of the artwork have vanished.

Irish Crown Jewels – This comprised a jeweled star and badge regalia that were created in 19th century. They were meant for use by the Sovereign and Grand Master of the Order of St. Patrick. In 1907, the Irish Crown Jewels were reported to be stolen from a strongroom. Some other jewelry pieces were also stolen. The police had investigated the case, but the mystery remains unsolved even today.

Florentine Diamond – This was a one of its kind light yellow diamond, weighing 137.27 carats (27.454 g). It was intricately cut and is said to be of Indian origin. Documents suggest that Florentine Diamond had existed since 17th century. Over the years, the diamond changed hands several times. It was stolen after 1918, allegedly by an individual who was close to the owner. Since then, it has never been found.

It’s a passion for many to hunt for lost treasures. There have been people who have spent their entire lives in search of lost treasures. And many have been successful too. There have been several cases where treasures worth millions have been located by treasure hunters. The search for these lost treasures continues even today. If treasure hunt is something that excites you, it’s time to start finding clues that could one day reveal the vast riches.

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