Which Country Has Highest Selfie Deaths?

While selfies can capture wonderful moments of life, it is important to avoid such actions in risky situations

Across the globe, taking a selfie has become quite commonplace. While youngsters are more into selfies, this phenomenon can be seen across all age groups. Although selfies are a lot of fun, they have also been linked to various injuries and fatalities. People taking a selfie can not only risk their own lives, but also of others. A number of such cases have been reported across the globe. To understand how you may be impacted, here is a look at which country has the highest selfie related deaths in the world.

India – A long-term study conducted over several years has found that India has the highest number of selfie-related deaths in the world. More than 159 cases have been reported till 2022. Even more selfie-related casualties may have occurred, but not every case gets published. India has the world’s largest population and most people have mobile phones.

Moreover, the percentage of young people in the population is among the highest in the world. And with insane social media activity, more and more people are getting addicted to taking selfies. Selfie-related deaths in India have occurred due to various reasons. It includes electrocution, drowning, falling from a train, etc.

USA – High mobile phone usage and hyper social media activity is driving people to create enticing stories with their selfies. The USA is known for its abundance of tourist places and weekend culture, which results in a high number of selfies. Around 24 selfie-related deaths have been reported in the USA by 2018. Selfie-related deaths in the USA have involved vehicles, drowning, falling from a height and firearms.

Pakistan – At number three in the list of countries with highest selfie-related deaths is Pakistan. With a significant young population and the urge to explore, coupled with a thriving social media, has contributed to selfie-related adverse incidents in Pakistan. Around 18 casualties have been reported till 2018. Numbers are likely to be much higher by 2024. Selfie-related deaths in Pakistan have occurred due to drowning, falling from a train, firearm use and falling from a height.

Russia – The people of Russia are known for their risk-taking nature. With a wide landmass and coastline to explore, opportunities for a memorable selfie are virtually limitless in Russia. Around 15 selfie-related deaths have been reported by 2018. Selfie-related deaths in Russia have involved trains, falling from a height and electrocution.

It is apparent that taking selfies in a risky situation can lead to injuries and even death. People get involved in such activities just to get some likes on social media. Authorities are doing their bit by banning selfies at locations that are considered risky for such activities. People are also requested to avoid any selfie stunts, as it is simply not worth risking your life.

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