Lovebird Lingerie Emerges As The Fastest-Growing Premium Lingerie Brand In India

Lovebird Lingerie Emerges As The Most Premium Lingerie Brand In India

In today’s times, when people have so many options at their disposal, they want to be sure about the quality of the product they invest in. With the purchasing power of people in the country increasing rapidly, owning products that are high in quality is everybody’s topmost priority. Today, women are conscious of every single piece of clothing they buy. When they buy lingerie, they expect it to make them feel comfortable and confident.

Lovebird Lingerie, a company founded by Sandeep Gupta and Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, has emerged as the fastest-growing and most popular luxury lingerie brand in India. Though it is a relatively young brand, it has carved a niche for itself by offering a wide range of premium lingerie products across different designs and sizes.

Talking about the thought behind the brand, co-founder Sandeep Gupta says, “Our products, despite having a premium look and feel to them, are priced reasonably. We have strived to offer our consumers high-quality products while ensuring that they do not overpay for anything. Women of today are very particular about every clothing item they invest in. Before they buy any kind of lingerie, they ensure that it would complement their body well, make them feel comfortable and turn out to be durable. Through its high-quality products featuring world-class design, Lovebird Lingerie has managed to create a distinctive identity for itself in the intimate clothing category.”

The products offered by Lovebird Lingerie have been segregated into multiple categories based on style, design, body type, shape and purpose. Nightwear, beachwear, sports and shapewear are some of the many categories women get to choose from when they visit the Lovebird Lingerie online store. Apart from making premium lingerie accessible at affordable prices, Lovebird Lingerie has solved a major issue concerning this segment.

Elaborating on the same, co-founder Sanjeev Kumar Gupta says, “When somebody goes to the online store of a lingerie brand or browses through their products put up at a physical retail store, they realize that the brand does not cater to different body types. In today’s times, when there is so much discussion happening around body positivity, clothing brands need to make a conscious effort to reach out to everybody. When you visit our online store, you will see that we have lingerie for women of all age groups and body types. Because of this reason, we are on the verge becoming the market leaders in plus-size intimate wear.”

Lovebird Lingerie has an online presence through its website and its products are available on leading e-commerce platforms and online stores as well. When you buy any product from the official website of the brand, you get it at the best possible price. In the near future, Lovebird Lingerie will continue introducing new designs and innovative styles in the premium lingerie category.


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