MDPH wins long legal battle against Nagpur based Shriphal Industries and Shriphal Gruh Udyog in Mumbai High Court for trademark violation

Nagpur, 21stJune 2022:Madhya Pradesh based Mysore Deep Perfumery House (MDPH), India’s one of top 3 Incense Stick brand with their household popular brand Zed Black held a press conference in Nagpur today to share details of its long, successful legal battle with Nagpur-based Shriphal Industries and Shriphal Gruh Udyog.

Earlier this month, the company won the case in the high court for their ongoing war against counterfeiting and the usage of similar name/mark Shriphal by Shriphal Industries.

MDPH, which is one of country’s largest manufacturers and exporters has filed various objection/litigation/complaint toprotect their IP Rights. Around 1500 Notice of Oppositions before Trade Marks Registry has been lodged and also filed more than 100 Rectification Application against wrongly registered Trade Marks before Trade Marks Registry. The company has also Instituted various successful Civil Suits for Injunction and damages and lodged various successful Criminal Complaint to stop counterfeit in various states like, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, West Bengal, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

Senior Adv. Rajendra Bhansali, while speaking at the press confererence alongwith the evidences shared, “The latest ruling by the Hon. High Court against Shriphal Industries and Shriphal Gruh Udyog is a step on the right track to curtail the counterfeiting practices. But, Shriphal Industries and Shriphal Grih Udyog are continuing to disobey and flout the Injunction Order passed by the Hon’ble High Court of Bombay.  Companies have to resort to such aggressive methods to ensure the Trademark rights are protected and consumers are not fooled into buying counterfiet products”.

Ankit Agrawal Managing Director, Mysore Deep Perfumery House added, “Constant monitoring of the counterfiet product market and information shared by various sales teams and well wishers of MDPH has greatly helped in the brand with its fight against counterfeiting and we have pledged  to continue to be on the warpath and remove counterfiet goods from the stores”

Sunilkumar Amritlal Jain of Shriphal Gruh Udyog and Shriphal Industries was purchasing the goods of MDPH under brand Zed Black and other brands including “Shriphal” from Mysore Deep Perfumery House. In the year 2014, MDPH came to know about the illegal activities of Sunilkumar Amritlal Jain of Shriphal Gruh Udyog and Shriphal Industries to the effect that Sunilkumar Amritlal Jain has started to use mark ZED BLACK and SHRIPHAL and therefore, in the year 2014, MDPH served a cease and desist notice to ask him to stop illegal activities with marks “Zed Black” and “Shriphal”. In reply to said notice, Sunilkumar Amritlal Jain has sought apology and stated that this mistake will not be repeated. However, in the year 2019, Sunilkumar Amritlal Jain of Shriphal Gruh Udyog and Shriphal Industries has restarted the illegal activities in using mark SHRIPHAL and upon the filing of suit in court of law, MDPH has won the battle for their mark SHRIPAHL.

Adv. Bhansali representing MDPH submitted that the Hon’ble Court has ruled that MDPH is the prior adopter and user of mark “Shriphal” and the court has also ruled that “Shriphal Industries” and Shriphal Gruh Udyog are not allowed to use name/mark “Shriphal” anymore.

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