Milk for healthier, glowing skin

Fresh milk is widely consumed for the immense benefits it provides to the body and mind. Milk can also be used to improve the complexion of your skin, giving you a healthier, glowing skin that is bound to make you appear a lot younger than your actual age. Milk has essential vitamins, fats and minerals, which will have a rejuvenating effect on your skin. The advantage of using milk for improving skin health is that it is quite affordable and no side effects, as compared to chemical-based skin care products available in the market. Here are some methods of using milk to achieve a radiant skin tone.

Increase your milk consumption – The best way to heal the skin is to work it from the inside. To achieve that, you need to increase your milk consumption, preferably full-fat milk. The proteins, fats, and minerals in the milk will start working from the inside, giving you radiant looking skin in just a couple of weeks.

Take a milk bath – You can use this method for special occasions, since using this on a daily basis would turn out to be costly. Start with filling your bathtub with hot water and later add around 4-10 liters of milk. Now, soak in the milk solution for 20-30 minutes and later take a regular bath. You will come out looking a lot brighter and radiant.

Create a face mask – Take a few tablespoons of milk and add some honey and lemon juice to the mixture. Now, apply this mixture evenly across your face and neck. Leave it there for 15-20 minutes and later wash it off with warm water. You will notice that your skin has come out smoother and refreshed.

Create an exfoliating solution – Take a cup of milk and add some oatmeal or besan (gram flour) to make a thick paste. Now, apply this paste on your face and leave it there for 15-20 minutes. Start rinsing off with warm water while gently scrubbing your face with your hands. The oatmeal or besan in the mixture will provide the exfoliating power whereas the milk will provide the nourishment. When done, you will have a new layer of skin, which will be a lot more radiant.

Remove dark patches – Due to the presence of lactic acid, milk can be used for lightning the skin tone. Dip some cotton in milk and gently apply it over the dark patches or wherever you feel necessary. Then let it dry and leave it overnight. In the morning, just wash it off with some warm water. Follow thismethod regularly for a couple of weeks and you will start to see the difference. You can use this method to lighten your skin tone as well.

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