Milk may help toddlers sleep better

Unlike adults, toddlers are usually good sleepers, averaging around 10-14 hours of sleep every day. This includes the 2-4 hours nap that they might take during daytime. However, there may be times when even toddlers would face difficulties with proper sleeping. As a parent, you would be concerned since lack of adequate sleep might hinder proper growth and development of your child. There are several ways prescribed by experts to help toddlers sleep normally, one of which is giving dairy products such as full fat organic milk. Full cream milk for toddlers should be lukewarm when it is given to the child.

There are certain theories that explain the effectiveness of full fat organic milk in helping toddlers sleep better. The scientific basis points out to the presence of the amino acid L-tryptophan in milk, which is associated with good sleep. Amino acid L-tryptophan works by increasing the levels of serotonin and melatonin, which are natural sleep-inducing chemicals found in brain. On the psychological level, experts say that toddlers become habitual to bedtime rituals, which acts as a signal for them to go to sleep. They say that feeding something to the child at bedtime may become a bedtime ritual that toddlers may associate with their normal time to sleep. The good thing is that either way, your child will have better chances of having a good night’s sleep.

Some of you may be concerned about the amount of fat in full cream milk for toddlers and may be evaluating other options such as double toned milk nutrition. In such scenarios, it is important to note that until and unless your child is overweight or obese, you should not cut down on full fat organic milk. Natural fats found in milk are vital for the proper growth and development of the child. Research studies have shown that natural fats actually help control weight, rather than promote weight gain.

There are other natural food items that are also associated with good sleep. For example, bananas, cottage cheese, nuts and seeds, shellfish, beans and eggs.These can be included in your child’s meal at nighttime. These are highly nutritious and will ensure proper sleep for your child.

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