Organic curd in the list of natural foods that treat UTI

Rising air and water pollution have resulted in growth of many harmful bacteria that lead to a wide variety of diseases. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is one such disease that is caused by harmful bacteria. UTI can affect both men and women and the standard prescription for this disease is antibiotics. These allopathic medicines do cure UTI, but in the process, they also eliminate the good bacteria, something that causes various side effects. Use of antibiotics is also known to create highly resistant super bugs, which are even more harmful for human health. For those looking for natural treatment options for UTI, organic curd or fresh tasty dahi is the recommended choice of health experts.

Natural remedies for UTI also include other options such as drinking plenty of plain water, cranberries, garlic, lemon juice, and baking soda. However, some of these such as cranberries are not easily available, whereas others such as garlic and baking soda do not belong to the list of foods one consumes on a daily basis or in their raw form. Drinking several glasses of water can also pose a challenge. In comparison, organic curd or fresh tasty dahi scores high on both health aspects as well as taste. Also, one can have it on a daily basis. Curd can be added to a wide variety of meal options, which ensures that people don’t get bored, even as they are eliminating the bad bacteria causing the UTI.

Curd helps the body to recover from urinary tract infections by fighting and eliminating the harmful bacterial growth in the body. It also improves the composition of fecal bacterial flora, which ensures that such infections do not reoccur. The friendly lactobacillus, also called ‘good bacteria’, is the thing that eliminates the harmful bacteria causing UTI. When an individual consumes curd, it’s like sending an army to fight off the invaders. The fact that such an army works brilliantly has been substantiated in research studies.

Organic curd or fresh tasty dahi tastes great on its own. As such, people can have it whenever they want.  For UTI cases, the recommended intake is 2-3 bowls of curd every day. For those who believe in the concept that ‘prevention is better than cure’, they can add a bowl of curd to their meal on a daily basis or around 3-4 times per week. This will help prevent urinary tract infections and improve overall health and wellbeing.

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