­­­­Moms Win! Arbanox Makes Noodle Time Healthy and Delicious.

Say Goodbye to Junk: Arbanox Launches Zero Maida Millet-based Noodles.

Noodle, though originating from China, is devoured by food enthusiasts based in every corner of the world. In India, there has always been a huge market for noodles. From restaurants serving a variety of noodles to street-side food outlets offering a desi version of this globally popular food item, noodles have been relevant in India for decades.

People prepare noodle-based dishes at home as well. However, a lot of people have been wary of consuming noodles owing to the presence of refined flour in them. Refined flour or Maida, as one would know, is not great for one’s health. Apart from causing weight gain, it leads to several other health issues as well. Because of this, some people either abstain from having noodles or consume it once in a while. Now, a brand’s initiative has led to more number of people in India having noodles guilt-free and without being worried about it affecting their health.

Arbanox, a brand operating out of Bangalore, is revolutionizing noodle time for Indian consumers that is devoid of refined flour and is made with healthy ingredients. Arbanox Zero Maida Multi Millet Noodles, the flagship product of the brand, is made with zero maida or refined flour. It features a blend of multiple healthy ingredients including premium quality foxtail, jowar, and finger millets. Not only are these noodles free of refined flour (maida), but they also contain no preservatives or MSG, making them a healthier choice for families. With a blend of traditional Indian spices and nutrient-rich millets, the product caters to both health conscious individuals and those who like their food to be sumptuous and flavourful.

Talking about the brand’s initiative and goal, Subin Ahammed, Chief Executive Officer Arbanox Consumer Care says, “According to a research report, instant noodles tops the list of the most consumed food products in India. What one also knows is that more and more people are making an effort to adopt a healthier lifestyle. When people crave for instant noodles but want to consume that is healthy and nutritious, they get limited options at their disposal. There was a demand for healthy noodles in the Indian market. At Arbanox, we identified this demand and worked towards fulfilling it. Now, parents can feel good about serving noodles for a quick snack or after-school treat.”

In the last few years, the awareness around the health benefits of millet has increased tremendously in India. This has resulted in several brands offering millet-based products to consumers. Millet, among other things, is known for being rich in dietary fiber. Apart from regulating your digestive system, it also reduces the risk of suffering from several life-threatening diseases like colon cancer. Through its products, Arbanox wants Indian consumers to enjoy the health benefits of millets

Elaborating on the same, Mr. Subin Ahammed says, “As a company which operates with the goal to offer consumers food products that are high on both health and taste, Arbanox is very proud to be producing millet-based noodles. In every Indian household, the mother chooses the food products or items that the family will consume. We feel overwhelmed to see a large number of women in Indian households endorsing our products and vouching for the health benefits offered to them. Through products like these, we believe, the market for noodles in India will grow owing to being patronized by even those who stick to healthy food products.”

To cater to the diverse culinary palette and food preferences of Indian consumers, Arbanox has been steadily launching a variety of food products across different categories. Arbanox is a leading manufacturer of healthy food products in India. The company offers a wide range of products for all ages, from infants to senior citizens. Arbanox is committed to providing consumers with delicious and nutritious food options that are made with high-quality ingredients.

Arbanox noodles are available in Amazon and Flipkart?

Arbanox is seeking distributors and retailers to carry its new Zero Maida Multi Millet Noodles.

For more information, please contact Dipin at dipin.s@arbanox.com (+91 99452 75766)

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