Most Interesting Ways To Propose On Valentine’s Day

Marriage proposals don’t necessarily need an occasion, but surveys indicate that the number of such proposals increase significantly on Valentine’s Day. Many people say that Valentine’s Day is probably the most appropriate time to propose marriage to your loved one. There’s a general belief as well that proposals made around the time of Valentine’s Day have a better chance of getting accepted. If you have similar plans and are looking for some unique ideas, here are some of the most interesting ways to propose on Valentine’s Day.

Announce it on the radio: If your partner regularly listens to the radio, you can make a surprise proposal on the air. Local radio stations are always looking for creative content and your idea will surely appeal to them. Even if you have to make a payment for the radio services, it would be worth it.

On top of a mountain: If you guys are the adventurous types and love exploring the world, you can propose at any of your favorite outdoor locations. For example, you could propose marriage on top of a mountain, a scenic beach, or by the side of a gushing river or waterfall. If you like something more extreme, you can consider proposing while skydiving, white water rafting or riding a hot air balloon.

Flash mob: This will require some time, effort and resources, but if you can manage it there’s nothing like it. You can hire professional artists to do the job for you or ask your family, friends and colleagues to help you out.

On stage: If you guys like attending plays, concerts, and other such stage shows, you can arrange for a surprise proposal on the stage. This idea will work well for people who are outgoing and know how to appear confident in front of a large crowd. You can excuse yourself for a restroom break and then make a surprise appearance on the stage. If all goes well and you do not goof up, your proposal might be accepted. It will be one of the most memorable moments of your live with everything captured on camera.

Take help from the movies: If you guys have a thing for movies, you can play a movie that has your favorite proposal scene. Just as the proposal scene starts, you can recreate the same in your living room using the same dialogues and expressions. It would be a true surprise for your partner and quite entertaining and amusing as well.

There are several more interesting ideas that you can use for proposing marriage to your partner on Valentine’s Day. You can think creatively and come up with some cool ideas of your own that would appeal to your partner.

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