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Virtual First Dates might be the savior

: Safety on dating apps as studied by QuackQuack According to a survey run by India’s homegrown dating app, QuackQuack, 67% of women prefer online dating over its traditional counterpart owing to the tight security and safety measures on these platforms. The app’s Founder and CEO, Ravi Mittal, commented, “Safety has always been one of the prime concerns when we ... Read More »

How to straighten your penis – without surgery

International studies show that a man’s penis can be straightened out without an operation. The results provide the patient with both extra length and greater sexual pleasure. Do you have a curved penis and want to do something about it? Then there’s good news for you. According to The Journal of Urology, a new study from the University of Pittsburgh ... Read More »

Which Breast Size Is Most Attractive?

Among the various factors that influence mate selection is the size of breasts. Female breast size is one of the key determinants of overall attractiveness, as perceived by men. Such preferences are usually based on evolutionary factors, wherein there’s a subconscious effort to determine female fertility and ensure good gene selection. Overall, breast size is one of the key factors ... Read More »

8 Amazing Facts about People with Herpes

Introduction If you have herpes, it can feel like a huge burden to bear. But the truth is that there are millions of people with genital herpes in this country alone. And most of them lead happy, healthy lives. In fact, it’s estimated that 75% of all Americans will contract genital herpes at some point in their lives. So if ... Read More »

Is It True That Marriages Are Made In Heaven?

Some phrases and sayings are expressed in a way that we truly start believing in it. One such proverb is ‘marriages are made in heaven’. It seems relevant, as there’s almost absolute uncertainty about who will be our life partner. We may have several relationships and meet dozens of potential life partners, but it’s never certain who we will eventually ... Read More »


Korean Cultural Centre India is going to introduce a special ‘Korean Traditional Wedding ceremony at the two day Korean cultural fest ‘ Rang De Korea’ on (Sat, Sun) 15th – 16th Oct at DLF Avenue Saket, New Delhi. Wedding is always a joyous occasion, filled with happiness, and hope. Korea and India both having the same values put a lot ... Read More »

Do Women Like Taller Guys?

There are several factors that can make a man attractive to a woman. In that context, it’s often assumed that women have a natural preference for taller guys. But is that true, or just someone’s imagination. And if the answer is yes, it makes us wonder why women prefer taller guys? For better understanding, here are some key psychological and ... Read More »

Working women’s sexual health needs attention: Plum’s study

● One in five women in India deal with PCOS, which is a leading cause of infertility ● Start-ups like Meesho and Darwinbox are offering IVF covers Bengaluru, September 7, 2022: As per World Bank data, since the COVID-19 outbreak, female employment in India has dropped down by 9% in 2022. Of the multiple reasons, an alarming concern is stress ... Read More »

A statistical understanding of the future of romance: Indian youths crown dating apps as the savior of their love lives.

Back in the day, people predicted flying cars and whatnot for the future. But did you hear anyone say, “Oh, you know what, dating apps will be the future of romance?” Not sure about the cars flying any time soon, but dating apps have become the most foolproof way to find love. On this note, QuackQuack, India’s most downloaded dating ... Read More »

3 quirky dating apps in India

Matchmaking has evolved dramatically in recent years. Some individuals feel that Indian dating services are an excellent way to meet new people. But it couldn’t be easier with an internet matchmaker. We’ve all heard how tough it is to find someone to date these days. There are several matchmakers available to assist you in finding love, but not all matchmakers ... Read More »