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What Happens If A Woman Takes Viagra?

Globally, Viagra (Sildenafil) is considered as the most effective way to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It is prescribed for people who may have trouble getting an erection or sustaining it for the required duration. While Viagra works efficiently on men, it makes us wonder what will happen if a woman takes Viagra. Can women experiencing low sex drive can ... Read More »

Couples and their changed Relationship dynamics post the pandemic

The pandemic changed everything yet nothing! Love and relationships have always been a dynamic play of contrasting and evolving opinions, but if there is one thing that saw a massive shift in the pandemic, it has to be an individual’s personal space. Confined into one house with restricted private space and time, fueled differences between many couples making them re-think the concept of ... Read More »

What A Man Wants In A Woman?

While it’s apparent that every man will have their own unique tastes and preferences, there are several common things that men want from their partner. When it comes to a man’s choices related to a woman, there are quite a few assumptions floating around. Not all of these may be true. To better understand how their mind works when choosing ... Read More »

Weird sexual fetishes you never knew about

While most of us are aware of BDSM or role play stuff, there are “other” things that one derives pleasure from. While sexual fetishes can be really weird to be discussed, there are some fetishes that will guarantee blow off your mind. In this article, we have managed to unravel some of the weird sexual stuff or fantasies that you ... Read More »

How Long It Takes To Forget Someone?

Just like your fingerprint, iris, DNA, etc., your relationships are also quite unique. There is unlikely to be anyone else who may be witnessing the same story unfold and getting the same experiences as you are. As every relationship is an entirely new experience, it leaves a significant impact on our life. It is also one of the reasons why ... Read More »

Why Couples Should Take Blood Test Before Marriage

When it comes to marriages, things people usually focus on include compatibility, education, social and financial background, and physical attributes. While these may be necessary, an important aspect that is often not addressed is biological compatibility. However, with increased awareness, many couples are now willingly opting for various medical tests. These ensure that their future, especially in terms of their ... Read More »

Searching For A Life Partner Online? These 5 Tips Can Help

Matrimonial sites have surely been useful, as they allow you to connect with dozens of potential partners. However, that is just the beginning. Having access to multiple profiles does not guarantee that you will find the perfect life partner. For that, you need to spend a lot of time and energy. You also need to have patience, as search for ... Read More »

Pros and cons of having sex during pregnancy

Are you expecting your bundle of joy soon? Do you want to have sex while you are in your third trimester? Many pregnant couples think that having sex during pregnancy can harm their baby in the womb and may lead to some complications. Many of you may have mixed thoughts when it comes to havingsex during pregnancy. Well most of ... Read More »