Navigating Evolution in The Tourism Industry & How Influencers are Adapting To Them.

The travel and tourism sector is back in action after a slowdown and is witnessing refreshing outbursts of opportunities for all industries associated. Whether this is through weddings, vacation destinations or brands optimizing marketing collaborations through sports events etc, the influx of travellers from across the world is paving the way for influencers to drive their content in excellent ways.

“It is exciting to see how the entire travel industry is flourishing right now and this makes the influencer community even more motivated to continue generating quality content that adds more impact in boosting travel enquiries across the world. As influencers, this is a great way to also generate more traffic on our accounts and increase our engagement.” shares Pushppal Singh Bhatia and Ravneet Kaur from the popular influencer duo – That Couple Though.

Leveraging the travel industry and tourism spaces to enhance their collaborations

Influencers have become an integral part of the tourism landscape, using their platforms to showcase destinations, experiences, and products to their followers. Avid travellers are always looking out for recommendations and niches places enabling opportunities for influencers to promote domestic tourism, local experiences, and health and wellness travel.

This holds true for notable world events including sports tournaments that garner massive crowds. The recent FIFA world cup is a classic example of how travel influencers were able to associate with luxury hotels, international dining spaces, shopping zones and sports organisers too. Even Airlines and government tourism branches are now opting to venture into influencer marketing avenues where the influencer can capture unfiltered experiences.

Adding a personal touch through storytelling

When influencers are either invited to these global events or decide to venture on their own, the stories they unveil during their journey plays a big role in connecting audiences to the place. Their niche also helps target specific marketing collaborations thus enhancing business for everyone involved.

Overall, the rebirth and new way of working for the travel industry after the pandemic is something that opens up many unique collaboration opportunities for influencers.

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