No success without a hurdle – Manish kumar

Born and raised in humble surrounding now he stood as a young entrepreneur and business leader in Bihar.Experience always takes you towards a successful path, Manish Kumar, Founder and CEO of Millennium Aviation Academy. He has born and brought up in Saharsa, Bihar. At the age of 15,he started following his dream to be a successful person. He worked hard and invested his 10 years in network marketing.This plays, a major role in his life, he learnt a lot and gained a lot of experiences. In the competitive world of business, success is often elusive and hard-fought. However, amidst the challenges and setbacks, some individuals rise above the odds, proving that determination, innovation, and stability can lead to extraordinary achievements. He is an exceptional entrepreneur who has defied expectations, transforming their vision into a thriving empire. He says, “While others saw challenges, I always look for opportunities in the most unexpected situation”. After quitting the job, he shifted to Delhi, to start his own business but somehow it failed and suddenly he has to shut down the firm. Then again he was part of an event management company that also didn’t work well.That was problematic,dealing with carrier pressure and personal pressure as well, everything happened at the same time. He got heartbroken then he took a break for a couple of years and at that time Covid also entered our life.He analysed his potential and appreciate his hard work. With lots of strength and his small savings, In 2022 he started an academy in Patna, Bihar.‘Millennium Aviation Academy’ it’s counted among the top names of aviation training institutes.

They candidly believe in nurturing raw talents and converting them into aviation mavens. And persistently and endlessly striving to help you achieve your dream. They truly believe in the quality of work.Through determined passion, calculated risk-taking, and an unyielding responsibility to excellence, he outshined barriers and achieved remarkable success.

Manish’s journey inspires a lot of young blood to believe that anything is possible with the right mindset, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of one’s dreams.

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