Noida Super Kings Unveil Team, Jersey, and Theme Song

28 August 2023, Noida: Noida Super Kings, the franchise team of Samavist Energy Solutions Private Limited, launched their team jersey and theme song along with the introduction of their players on Monday at the landmark Hotel in Kanpur.

In a bid to ignite enthusiasm among Noida Super Kings’ players and fans alike, the team management unveiled a magnificent theme song. The occasion saw the captain of Noida Super Kings, Nitish Rana, donning the official jersey, leading the entire team in a spirited declaration for victory. Other officials of the team were also present during this momentous event. Noida Super Kings is set to commence their campaign against Kanpur Super Stars in the opening match of the league, scheduled on August 30th at Green Park Stadium in Kanpur.

During the inauguration ceremony, Anand Kanodia, the owner of Samavist Energy Solutions Private Limited, introduced the players of his team and expressed, “Our team consists of experienced and young talents who will undoubtedly bring balance and strength to the team. We are excited to begin our journey in this league with a winning spirit. Our jersey stands as a symbol of the team’s sentiment, dedication, and commitment to excellence.”

The lineup of Noida Super Kings includes players like Nitish Rana, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Saurabh Kumar, Samarth Singh, Almas Shaukat, Prashant Veer, Aditya Sharma, Naman Tiwari, Kunal Tyagi, Arjun Bhardwaj, Kishan, Shiven Malhotra, Shantanu, Osho Mohan, Chaitanya Parashar, Mohammad Javed, Manish Solanki, Rohit Dwivedi, Nilopalendu Pratap, and Tarun Pavadia.

With the commencement of the UP T20 League, Uttar Pradesh joins the ranks of states that have organized the T20 League to promote the talents of their players. The league is set to begin on August 30th in Kanpur, featuring 6 franchise teams from the state.

Noida Super Kings Schedule:

August 30: Noida vs. Kanpur, 7:30 PM
September 1: Noida vs. Gorakhpur, 7:30 PM
September 2: Noida vs. Lucknow, 3:30 PM
September 5: Noida vs. Meerut, 3:30 PM
September 6: Noida vs. Kashi, 3:30 PM
September 7: Noida vs. Kanpur, 3:30 PM
September 8: Noida vs. Gorakhpur, 7:30 PM
September 10: Noida vs. Lucknow, 3:30 PM
September 11: Noida vs. Meerut, 7:30 PM
September 14: Noida vs. Kashi, 7:30 PM

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