PAN Center

A PAN center provides a regular source of income and it remains unaffected by cyclical ups and downs in the economy. Moreover, with the government’s focus on increasing tax compliance and curbing money laundering and black money, PAN has been made mandatory for a wide variety of transactions. Such requirements are to be followed by individuals as well as corporate entities and other organizations.

Applying for a new PAN card or making changes in existing PAN are requirements that would continue to see consistent growth in the coming years, as India’s economy achievesnewer milestones in its journey. Latest reports indicate that India is poised to become the third largest economy in the world by 2030, which implies that many individuals and organizations would be applying for PAN cards in the coming years.

At Samrat Engicon, we will provide you with all the assistance you need to open a PAN center. Once we get thingsstarted for you, it will be the gateway for your financially secure future.


The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a revolutionary tax regime recently launched in India. It is being considered a game changer for the Indian economy. It may be worthwhile to note that even the World Bank has said that GST would help India’s economy grow by leaps and bounds.

You will be glad to know that GST has also created various jobs in finance, accounting and taxation. You too can become a GST expert and find good jobs at various corporate firms. You can also start your own GST consulting services.

At Samrat Engicon, we offer you the best-in-class GST training, which is spread over 2 days. It is a fast-track training course, which seeks to get you job-ready as soon as possible. The GST training is provided by experts, so that you can properly grasp all the fundamentals and complexities of GST. It will be your first step towards becoming a qualified GST professional.

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

A digital signature is the digital version of your signature, which can be used on a wide variety of documents. Digital signatures are now widely accepted across various government and private sector organizations. Digital signatures are highly secure and they allow you to complete various documentations online. Your digital signature is your personal asset and no one else can use it since it’sencrypted and accessible via a password. Some most common uses of digital signatures are for filing Income Tax Returns, applying for various contracts and submitting various forms.

At Samrat Engicon, we can help you obtain your digital signaturecertificate (DSC) in the most secure manner. We also ensure complete confidentiality while processing digital signature certificates. We can also look into your specific needs and processthe digital signature certificate in the fastest time possible. We have been providing digital signature certificates to various individuals, banks, and businesses, and look forward to serving you.

General Insurance

Risk is a reality of life and you can either choose to ignore it or take measures to manage it through insurance. For your personal life, you have to opt for life insurance and for everything else, there’s general insurance. It’s designed to reduce the risk associated with everything you own such as your health, your home, your car, etc. Considering the unpredictable times we live in and out fast-paced lifestyles, it’s always better to reduce the risk by choosing general insurance.

At Samrat Engicon, we can help you choose the most appropriate general insuranceplan for your specific needs. Our knowledgeable and talented insurance consultants will carry out a detailed analysis of your risks and suggest the best general insurance plan. We can also help you choose the most affordable general insuranceplan, which will help reduce your overall financial burden.


Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is for people who may not have time to choose their investments on their own. SIP is also advantageous for people who may not have a lump sum amount to invest, but would be able to contribute small amounts every month. In simple words, SIP is like EMIs that you pay, with the only difference that here you are investing to get larger returns in the future. SIP is a relatively safe choice since the funds are managed by professionals and you can access the track record of the SIP anytime.

At Samrat Engicon, we can help you channelize your funds to the most rewarding SIPs. Our financial consultants track the markets every hour and they can advise on the best SIP investments. The SIP investmentdecisions will be based on the quantum of funds you can allocate every month and how long you are willing to keep invested.

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