How toConceive a Baby Boy or Baby Girl

All children are god’s gift and it would be inappropriate to differentiate between a baby boy or baby girl. However, there may be certain situations and personal preferences that may prompt couples to choose a specific option. For example, if a couple already has a baby boy, they may want their next child to be a baby girl. This is applicable vice-versa as well. But, is it really possible to conceive a baby boy or baby girl as per one’s liking? Well, the mainstream medical fraternity may not completely agree to such suggestions, but certain methods have worked for some couples. It can still be tagged as coincidence, but what’s the harm in trying. Given below are some methods that can be used to conceive a baby boy or baby girl, as per your liking.

Time sex with ovulation: It’s the man who carries both the X (girl) and Y (male) sex chromosome. Woman only have two X (girl) chromosome. If a XY pair fertilizes, it will be a baby boy. If it’s XX, the result will be a baby girl. This clearly shows that it’s the man’s sex chromosomes that decide the gender of a child. It has been found in scientific research studies that the Y (male) sperms move faster towards the egg, but they fizzle out in just around 24 hours. So, if you want to have a baby boy, you need to have sex 12-24 hours before the time of ovulation. There are different methods that you can use to accurately predict your time of ovulation. Ovulation testing kits can also be used for this purpose.

As compared to the Y sperms, the X sperms move slowly towards the egg. However, the X sperms are more resilient and they can easily survive for 4-5 days. So, if sex occurs farther from the day of ovulation, it would increase the probability of a baby girl.

Sex positions: Certain sex positions that allow deep penetrative sex can increase the probability of conceiving a baby boy. In deep penetrative sex, the sperms get deposited close to the cervix. Since Y (male) sperms are faster, they can quickly reach and fertilize the egg in the fallopian tube. If sex is timed around 12 hours prior to ovulation, it is considered as the best possible way to conceive a baby boy. Another method suggests that a woman’s orgasm can also help conceive a baby boy. When a woman experiences orgasm, the vaginal area becomes more alkaline, something that favors the Y (male) sperm. A woman’s orgasm also causes contractions in the vagina and uterus, which pushes the sperms towards the egg.

Coffee, energy drink, chocolate and other foods: There are certain foods that can increase the probability of conceiving a baby boy. For example, foods that charge you up can also charge the Y (male) sperm. Men can have coffee, energy drink, chocolate, etc. before sex. For women, they need to avoid acidic food items since these can reduce the alkalinity of the vagina and uterus. Things like citrus foods, cheese, yoghurt, etc. should be avoided. To boost alkalinity, women need to focus on eating foods like broccoli, bananas, Brussels sprouts, spinach, almonds, avocado, wheatgrass, pine nuts, etc.

Switch to boxer shorts: Men need to choose boxer shorts instead of tighter briefs to improvetheir sperm count. Wearing tight briefs can cause overheating, which in turn can reduce the sperm count. This would reduce the probability of conceiving a baby boy.

While trying the above methods, do keep in mind that these do not guarantee 100 percent results. The success rate may vary from 50 to 75 percent in most cases and it would be dependent on other variables as well. For 100 percent results, you may have to opt for in-vitro fertilization. However, this method is costly and may not be available to everyone.

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