Physics Wallah Announces the Launch of PW Gurukulam School

05, February 2024: PW (Physics Wallah), India’s leading ed-tech platform, has expanded its portfolio further by announcing the launch of its PW Gurukulam School, a futuristic, value-based school. Based on the “Where culture meets innovation” philosophy, PW Gurukulam is located in Sushant Lok III, Sector 57, Gurugram.

Affiliated with the CBSE Board, PW Gurukulam will provide elementary education from Play School to Grade 7 and the curriculum framework will be based on the National Education Policy. It will enrol 400 students in its inaugural batch. This institution is dedicated to providing education grounded in experiential learning, aiming to cultivate well-rounded students. Areas of focus include financial literacy and entrepreneurship, enhanced by programs such as Model United Nations (MUN), among others, to equip students with the holistic skills necessary for future success. PW Gurukulam will ensure students are involved in community engagement activities related to sustainability and societal upliftment. The school promotes a culture of kindness and respect, maintaining a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying, and ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for all students.

PW Gurukulam will be an innovative learning space where students can gain knowledge on various aspects of Montessori pedagogy, Robotics, and other skills.

Alakh Pandey, CEO & Founder of Physics Wallah, said, “We are thrilled to launch PW Gurukulam, a one-of-a-kind space where all-inclusive education, innovation, and culture are the foundational aspects. The school will be a canvas for students to paint their futures with immersive and transformative learning. At PW Gurukulam, we aim to offer education that covers a wide spectrum and will enable them to choose from limitless possibilities rather than conventional career paths.”

Admissions are open for Gurukulam School. For more information, visit

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