In a modern world where early childhood development is crucial, Tinyvers is transforming how infants, babies, and toddlers learn and grow. The foundation of their lifelong learning in young children begins as they are born.

The Tinyvers Early Learning Program offers an innovative approach for children ages 0 to 3 years, blending Montessori philosophy with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) principles for early education. This program by Tinyvers aims to bridge the educational gap before preschool, focusing on holistic development through play.

The Tinyvers Early Learning Framework supports simulating children’s development with a systematic approach starting from exploration, observation, and interactions like asking, predicting, researching, and drawing conclusions that encourage natural learning. That is why Tinyvers have designed, Tinyvers Monthly Montessori boxes and Tinyvers Activity Kits, which are purely designed towards achieving cognitive development, motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and social interactions.

Each Tinyvers Box includes brain development toys, Montessori materials, educational materials, and parenting resources and tools specifically designed to support the developmental stages of your children based on expertly curated developmental milestones based on early childhood education.

Tinyvers Monthly Montessori boxes are designed based on the monthly developmental milestones, and Tinyvers Activity Kits are designed bi-monthly for infants and quarterly for toddlers, again based on the children’s developmental milestones, by offering expertly designed toys and parenting resources to nurture brain development in children. Tinyvers boxes offer the right toys at the right age!

Tinyvers is bridging the early educational gap before preschool and parent-child bonding through play and catering to new parents, working parents, and established parents who prioritize educational values that are developmental-friendly and child-safe play options, such as wooden toys over plastic or harmful toys with developmental growth, as one million neural connections are formed every second in the early years.

With a scientifically validated approach using the Tinyvers early learning framework, Tinyvers ensures that each toy meets the specific developmental needs of infants, babies, and toddlers, supporting early brain development and learning.

Tinyvers understands what babies and toddlers need at various developmental stages, and Tinyvers have designed to simulate young minds using a variety of age-appropriate activities with experts according to their age that make tinyvers toys the right toys at the right age with no pressure on children’s.

Don’t worry, parents, as Tinyvers by Pereyan LLP provides the best offerings for your child’s development. Tinyvers team has worked with experts to ensure that the toys support cognitive, physical, and social skills at each phase of a child’s early life. Tinyvers offers parental resources and guidance that empowers parents with knowledge and skills at their convenience through a one-time purchase or subscription, which saves time and effort in selecting age-appropriate educational toys and materials in each box with child-safe, eco-friendly products that support parent-child bonding and provide long-term value to nurture a child’s growth from infancy to toddlerhood.

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“We believe that every child deserves the best start in life, which begins with effective early education,” states Dilip Shankar, CEO and Managing Director of Tinyvers by Pereyan LLP, a Bangalore-based startup specializing in early childhood development. “Many parents begin to worry about their child’s future at preschool age, overlooking the crucial brain growth that occurs in the early years.” With a background in research and development in medical science and technology, Dilip Shankar emphasizes the holistic approach of Tinyvers. “Our play products are designed not only to foster academic skills but also to support social, emotional, and physical development. We collaborate with over 100 multidisciplinary experts to ensure our products meet developmental needs, helping to educate parents about the importance of early learning.”

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