Pocket FM Sci-Fi Audio Fiction Series ‘Shoorveer’ surpasses 100 million plays

India; August 5, 2022: Personalised audio streaming app Pocket FM is setting the internet on fire with its unique storytelling approach. Another Pocket FM originals ‘Shoorveer’ exceeded 100 million plays in less than 6 months, pioneering the trend for binge-listening.

Shoorveer – Pocket FM.jpg

‘Shoorveer’ is a sci-fi audio fiction series that captures the imagination of teleporting humans to a new planet. On this new planet, humans have no choice but to survive amongst strange creatures and animals. This is the story of the fight for human survival on that planet. The show has become immensely popular across metros and non-metros cities and elicited significant traction from both males and females.

The show, rated 4.4-star, is currently among the top trending shows on Pocket FM.

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