PokerStars Coming Soon to Delight Poker Fans in India

For some of us, life is all about placing our bets and challenging destiny at every hand. We are the eternal optimists and know that we shall eventually win, even though we may lose a few hands. We apply our mind, strategize and combine it with our luck to create the best possible outcomes. If you love playing cards, especially the game of poker, there’s good news for you. PokerStars, the flagship brand of The Stars Group Inc., has just announced at an event in Bengaluru that it will soon launch online poker in India. PokerStars is the No: 1 online poker site in the world and has already reached the milestone of a staggering 100 billion hands online in 2013. As of now, PokerStars has registered more than 165 billion hands online, which far outstrips the statistics of other poker websites.

The star of the show at the Bengaluru event was the legendary PokerStars Pro Aditya Agarwal. For the uninitiated, Aditya Agarwal is the first-ever Indian to be recognized with the title of PokerStars Pro. On behalf of PokerStars, Aditya will be representing his home country as a Team Pro. It may be recalled that Aditya was chosen as the official face of PokerStars in India in January 2015. Aditya will be spearheading the campaign to promote poker in India. He has been tasked with the mission to establish the game of poker as a professional sport and a game of skill in India. It’s certainly a huge challenge, but Aditya is firm in his belief that poker will become popular here once PokerStars launches online poker in India.

Speaking at the event in Bengaluru, PokerStars Pro Aditya Agarwal said, “Poker has maintained its popularity because it has evolved with the times. PokerStars continues this evolution by providing a modern twist on traditional poker that we believe will be exciting to not only poker players, but to a broad spectrum of gamers as well. As a poker pro I want to help promote the game in India, and inspire more players to play and enjoy the sport.”

Aditya shares a great passion for poker and he has been attracted to this thrilling game since his college days. Aditya did his schooling in India and moved to the US for his higher studies. However, his fascinating for poker grew every day and by the time he graduated, he had become a full-time poker pro. Aditya has registered phenomenal success in poker, having won more than four million dollars in the biggest PokerStars tournaments. He has several other wins to his credit, which reveal his unparalleled acumen for poker. Aditya has been playing poker online at PokerStars since 2004 and his moment of glory came when he was recognized as a PokerStars Pro. While enjoying a highly successful professional poker career, Aditya wants to promote poker in India. He wants to share his expertise and skills for the benefit of next generation poker players in the country.

We had a great time interacting with PokerStars Pro Aditya Agarwal at the Bengaluru event. We would like to thank him for his valuable time and wish him luck for his mission to promote poker in the country. We would also like to thank PokerStars for taking the initiative to provide a safe, secure and bankable online poker platform to poker loversall across the globe. We would be eagerly waiting for the day when PokerStars launches online poker in India.

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