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– The Korean Embassy and Cultural Centre hold an event to build a Korean-Indian multicultural family network

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea and Korean Cultural Centre India will hold an event to build a Korean-Indian multicultural family network at Korean Cultural Centre in New Delhi on Saturday, November 19, 2022 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. This event is an experiential event to introduce Korea and Korean culture to the children of multicultural families, about 40 members of 12 families are expected to attend.

The event will consist of Korean cultural performances and hands-on events along with a briefing session to provide multicultural families with information on children’s multiple nationalities, military service, and university admissions in Korea. Korean cultural performances include Taekwondo demonstration by KCCI Taekwondo Demonstration team with Korean traditional song(Arirang) by Haegeum instrument player on the spot, and the performance combining K-pop cover dance and Indian traditional dance by ‘girl-crush’ and ‘ mixd-up’, two groups, winners of All India K-Pop Contests having their own local fan club. There will also be a fusion performance by adding Samulnori(Korean Traditional Percussion music) rhythm to Indian folk song by Korean Cultural Centre India Samulnori performance team which will captivate the eyes and ears of the participants.

After the performance program by Indians who love Korea and Korean culture, the participants can play Samulnori musical instruments such as Jing, Kwaenggwari, Buk(drum), and Janggu, experience Korean traditional games such as Jegichagi, Ttakjichigi, and Tuho which has been introduced through ‘the squid game’, Korean drama wearing Hanbok(Korean traditional dress) and tasting Korean food.

Hwang Il Yong, director of Korean Cultural Centre India said, “In a rapidly changing atmosphere of globalization, the ability to respect and freely exchange cultures of other countries can be said to be a major factor contributing to national development as well as individual development. Children who grew up in multicultural families have a good environment to develop these capabilities. If they grow up to be international experts in the future, it will be a great foundation for Korea and India`s globalization capabilities as well as Korean-India relations. We prepared this event to provide an opportunity for children who will grow into next-generation leaders to inspire their self-esteem through experiencing Korean traditional culture.”

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