Rajveer Patel Talks About The Search For Multiple Gurus

In this confusing world of astrology, where the existence of spiritual bodies is believed to govern the destiny of humans, many seekers find themselves consulting many spiritual guides, astrologers, in their life. Rajveer Patel an astrologer from Rudraksha Gem, has observed the situation particularly guru (Jupiter) in their birth chart.
Jupiter, known as Guru in Vedic astrology, a wisdom planet and spirituality, such individuals don’t trust in a single guidance and consistency switches different astrologers, gurus, and deities till the problem of theirs remains unsolved. People with an afflicted Jupiter often experiences a deep sense of dissatisfaction and restlessness. Which led to lack of trust in advisor’s, they hoped for one who can provide defensive solutions on their problems, this led to confusion, and anxiety, as conflicting advice they get from different sources. They also complicate their own understanding.

According to Mr. Patel a step should follow by those people, firstly the individual should study moon chart i.e. (Chandra Kundli) The moon represents the peace of mind and emotions in Vedic astrology. Through which astrologers can study deeper insights of individuals mental state, psychology and emotional patterns. These can help astrologers to know the mental state of individuals, and their psychological distress.

Building trust in a single spirituality, guide or astrologer is important. To find proper knowledge, and to find capable advisors. Who can provide proper guidance? Rajeev Patel explains the importance of patience and strength

Astrology is not magic; real changes need time and guidance is important for remedial measures and time for results. The journey of astrological and spiritual journey can be complex for those who belongs from Jupiter (guru) the key is not finding multiple answers, but to find the right question to solve the answers over the journey of life by knowing Chandra Kundli and engaging in astrological practices, Individuals can navigate the spiritual path.

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