What Happens If Donald Trump Wins In 2024?

Although embroiled in legal issues, Donald Trump seems to have an edge over Joe Biden in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Elections

With ramifications for the entire planet, the 2024 United States Presidential Election is being closely monitored. It will be held on November 05, 2024 and the winner will be inaugurated on January 20, 2025. With Republicans putting up a strong front, let us take a look at what happens if Donald Trump wins the United States presidential election in 2024.

Mass Deportation

With the issue of migrants taking centerstage, some aggressive policies are expected if Trump wins in 2024. Trump has talked about deporting around 11 million undocumented immigrants. There are also plans to build migrant detention camps across border areas. Stricter border control measures will be taken. There are plans to use the U.S. military for deporting migrants, if required.

Abortion rights

While Trump is unlikely to order a federal ban on abortion, he will favor policies that allow states to make their own abortion rules. As such, state-level regulations for abortion could get preference if Trump wins in 2024.

Withdrawal from NATO

Trump has often talked about the high cost associated with NATO. If Trump wins in 2024, the USA could withdraw from NATO. Security arrangements with other countries such as Japan and South Korea may also be withdrawn. Such moves will be part of Trump’s ‘America First’ approach.

Return to fossil fuels

Trump had earlier described climate change as a myth. But later, he had also called it a serious subject. If Trump wins in 2024, use of fossil fuels may increase. This will impact climate change efforts. Environment policies could be pushed to the back burner.

A polarized world

If Trump wins in 2024, a high level of polarization may occur within the country. The election and electoral system in the United States may come under greater scrutiny. The polarization within the United States will eventually spread to the entire planet. We are already seeing conflicts in various parts of the world.

Expansion of border wall

To control illegal immigration, Trump had always supported the building of the border wall. If Trump wins in 2024, the southern border wall project will gain momentum. Funding for this project is likely to be prioritized.

Healthcare and Obamacare

Trump has often criticized the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. This federal law was signed with the goal to provide easy access to health insurance for US citizens. In his second term, Trump may attempt to replace the Act with a new one or introduce the required changes.

Gun rights

Trump has always been a strong supporter of gun rights. As such, he may not allow any gun control measures to be implemented. This will be in support of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, which protects the rights of people to keep and bear arms.

Supreme Court appointments

If Trump wins in 2024, he is likely to push additional conservative Supreme Court appointments. This will impact legal decisions in the United States for several decades.

As is evident, dramatic policy shifts are expected if Trump wins in 2024. However, there could be challenges in the implementation stage. Moreover, domestic and international equations are forever evolving. Such factors will continue to influence US policy decisions.

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