RealtyCompass – Making it easier to find your dream home

One of the defining moments in life is when you plan to buy your own home. There are so many things to consider when buying a home that it is probably one of the most important decisions you will ever take. More importantly, it’s an area where you cannot afford to go wrong. It’sessential that you make the right choices when it comes to buying your home.

So where do you start?

While there is no dearth of realty portals offering a wide range of options to choose from, it’srecommended that you start your home search from a portal that offers unbiased opinions. One such realty portal is, where you can customize your home search using a wide range of search criteria and filters. The various home search features available on RealtyCompass are very useful and unique, something that you won’t normally find on other realty portals. The various aspects such as location, connectivity, neighborhood, nearby schools, amenities, floor plans, pricing, reputation of builder, review and ratings, and value appreciation are all covered by RealtyCompass, so that you can zero in on the best deals available, without any compromises whatsoever.

The idea for RealtyCompass was conceptualized after a group of people went through the horrific experience of investing in the wrong type of project by an unscrupulous builder. Thereupon, this group vowed to bring about a positive change in the area of home search so that people don’t have to undergo the same horrifying experience as they did. Their mission to make the home buying process completely hassle free resulted in the creation of RealtyCompass, which is designed to act as a friend and an advisor to every individual who aspires to have their dream home.

Why Choose RealtyCompass for your home search and how it’s better than other realty portals?

Facts are the best way to answer such questions, so let’s dig deeper and unravel the specifics that make RealtyCompass the most effective platform to find your dream home.

Project Rating – As compared to other realty portals that may be influenced by builders, RealtyCompass offers unbiased real estate ratings so that you can easily narrow down your search to the best projects available. Every project is reviewed individually and ratings are assigned based on more than 80 parameters. Projects have an overall rating as well as individual ratings for Amenities, Neighborhood, Connectivity, and Builder. You can narrow your search based on these unbiased ratings.

Figure 1: Project Rating

Collections: Search as per your specific priority – When buying a home, we have certain priorities in mind. For example, some us look for a good neighborhood, some want attractive discount offers, some are interested in a large livingroom, some want large balconies and so on and so forth. On RealtyCompass, you can search as per your specific preferences using the various filters available under the ‘Collections’ tab. For example, if you want your home to have a large kitchen, you just need to click on the ‘large kitchen’ tab to shortlist all projects that offer a large kitchen. Similarly, you can customize your search for your otherpreferences. This search function is really unique and it completely simplifies your home search process.

Figure 2: Collections:Search as per your specific priority

Compare Projects – As homebuyers, we had always wished that we could compare projects side-by-side, just as we normally do in case of mobiles. With, that wish has now come true. Once you have shortlisted some properties, you can compare projects side-by-side, something very similar to our experience of searching for the right mobile phone. Using the ‘compare projects’ feature, you can easily locate your dream home. Projects are compared using various parameters related to Price & Area, Location, Amenities and Builder Profile.

Figure 3:Compare Projects (Price & Area)

Figure 4: Compare Projects (Location)

Floor Plan Analysis – Builders and other realty portals often tend to bombard you with complicated data related to the floor plan, so that you may never be able to figure out the truth. RealtyCompass is different since it provides floor plan details in a simplified manner. You will get to know and understand all the various aspects such as room size, carpet area, floor plan efficiency, and lots more information. Everything is explained and presented in simple terms to avoid any type of confusion or misrepresentation.

Figure 5: Floor Plan Analysis

Reviews and Social Chat – A good way to access unbiased opinions is via user-generated reviews. After you have shortlisted some projects, you can check out related user reviews to improve your knowledge about those projects. These reviews further reduce the probability of buying the wrong home. Going a step further, RealtyCompass offers Social Chat that you can use to interact with interested customers or buyers in a specific project. This is useful for a variety of purposes, for example, you can form a group of interested buyers and bargain with the builder for special discounts.

Figure 6: Reviews and Social Chat

Even when other realty portals may have similar features, the computational methodologies and search algorithms utilized by RealtyCompass aresmarter and technologically superior. Simplifying the home search process for the user, coupled with the effectiveness in finding the best deals based on buyer preferences, makes RealtyCompass stand out among other realty portals. It has the freshest ideas powered by a dynamic, young team, and some of the most unique features and functionalities. There’s a lot to explore, so visit today and see how it can help you find your dream home.

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