Reimagining Beauty Through Science: Justhuman’s Founder Video Tells a Story of Resilience and Innovation

New Delhi, 29th May 2024 – Justhuman, the groundbreaking pioneers in neurocosmetic industry, has officially revealed the story behind brand’s birth through an intimate and inspirational narrative centered around the founder, Roshini Sanah Jaiswal. The story reflects her courageous battle with an autoimmune disorder that ultimately sparked the inception of Justhuman. Brimming with vivid narrative details, this video represents a monumental stride in the brand’s steadfast commitment to showcasing the transformative synergy of beauty and well-being.

Link to the story:

In the heart of the video, Roshini candidly shares her daunting yet empowering journey: “I didn’t know what Lichen Planopilaris was. For me, it was unexpected because my doctors hadn’t really made me aware that this could mean that I may have no hair on my head. This journey became a crucible that not only challenged her perception of beauty and self-worth but also underscored the essence of resilience.”

Roshini’s encounters with conventional beauty products and their limitations ignited a fervent desire to create something distinctive, something superior. This personal transformation led to a professional revolution. “Amidst my tribulations, Justhuman was conceived. Our products epitomise the forefront of the science of neurocosmetic, the skin-brain communication, designed to harmonise your skin microbiome and activate neuroreceptors. We transcend external beauty; “it’s about experiencing the extraordinary,” elucidates Roshini, CEO and Founder, Justhuman.

“My struggle with Lichen Planopilaris wasn’t just a tale of adversity; it was a metamorphosis that birthed Justhuman. Our goal is not only to deliver visible results fast but it is also to address the consistently overlooked women aged between 40 to 55. Their skin issues aren’t just problems but intense distress which craves attention. We focus our attention on their neglected journey and overall emotional well-being.” adds Roshini.

Roshini’s story is a testament to Justhuman’s dedication to clean, science-backed formulation that nurtures the skin and emotional well-being. Roshini emphasises, “Justhuman products are not just a beauty solution; it encapsulates a lifestyle, a belief that feeling good equates to looking good, empowering individuals to confront each day with unwavering confidence.”

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