Towards a Healthier Tomorrow: Amway India’s ‘Power of 5 Program’ achieves remarkable impact in addressing Childhood Malnutrition

Nutrition program designed to address childhood malnutrition through education and supplementation led to:

Significant rise in haemoglobin (Hb) levels among children. 54% children with iron deficiency shifted to the normal category, indicating substantial improvement.
Benefitted 3,70,000 individuals including mothers, caregivers, and 70,000 children with notable improvements in underweight, stunting and wasting levels.

New Delhi, India: Marking World Nutrition Day, Amway India, a leading health and wellbeing company, released the impact report of its pioneering nutrition program, ‘Power of 5’. The report showed a significant improvement with the rise in haemoglobin (Hb) levels among children, with over 54% with iron deficiency shifting to the normal category. The program, aimed at fostering a healthier nation and tackling childhood malnutrition, has achieved a significant milestone benefitting over 5,00,000 individuals, including 1,00,000 children through nutrition education and intervention. Remarkably, in 2023-24 alone, it reached over 3,70,000 individuals, including children, mothers, caregivers, surpassing the previous year’s progress. Amway’s unwavering commitment to proper nutrition is empowering communities and creating a nourished India.

Mr. Rajneesh Chopra, Managing Director, Amway India, remarked, “The Power of 5 program stands as a testament to our impact-driven approach to addressing the critical issue of childhood malnutrition, reflecting our unwavering commitment to fostering a healthier India. Aligned with the Government’s National Nutrition Mission, our program has positively influenced the lives of as many as 5,00,000 individuals since 2018. This impact is profound, and we are proud of the role we have played in this catalysing positive change across communities for a healthier future. As we celebrate the World Nutrition Day, and in line with our commitment to helping people live better, healthier lives, we are poised to extend our reach and make an even greater impact in addressing malnutrition across the nation. Our core objective remains steadfast – to lend our unwavering support in building a healthier India, with the goal of enabling people to expand their health span and secure a brighter future.”

Amway India launched its globally acclaimed community-based program ‘Power of 5’ in 2018 aimed at sensitizing communities including mothers and caregivers of children under six years to improve their nutritional status. To address nutrition inequities in children, the campaign offers holistic solutions to create awareness and implement educational interventions at the grassroot level.

Key Highlights

Power of 5 Program – Period – 2022 to 2023

Nutrition Intervention with Nutrilite Little Bits: End-line survey results basis intervention with Nutrilite Little Bits to 4,000 malnourished children from Sohna, Nuh and Mumbai

Children with iron deficiency shifted to normal category.


% Increase in haemoglobin levels


Nutrition Education –

Overall % shift of 9,150 malnourished underweight children to normal category

57% in Tauru, 53% in Sohna & Nuh, 44% in Mumbai, 27% in Kolkata, and 17% in Chennai.

The program’s success stems from its holistic approach, offering comprehensive nutrition education in key locations like Sohna, Nuh, Tauru, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata. Using Nutrilite Little Bits™, a pioneering micronutrient supplement, it reached 4,000 children aged 3 to 6 in Sohna, Nuh, and Mumbai, effectively addressing micronutrient deficiencies, including iron deficiency, anemia. Results from the end-line study showed a remarkable up to 60% increase in average haemoglobin levels. A baseline and endline study involving 9,150 malnourished children revealed significant effectiveness, with most shifting to the normal category with nutrition education. Furthermore, there was a notable decrease in underweight children: 57% in Tauru, 53% in Sohna & Nuh, 44% in Mumbai, 27% in Kolkata, and 17% in Chennai.

Aligned with its overarching vision, Amway India remains unwavering in its mission to foster a healthier nation. The success achieved so far in addressing childhood malnutrition through the program has not only strengthened Amway’s commitment, but the company also intends to replicate this impactful program in more states, ensuring a sustained and impactful effort in the ongoing battle against childhood malnutrition

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