Rishihood University announces appointment of Dr. Vasudev Murthy as Executive Director, School of Entrepreneurship

New Delhi, 18th January 2024: Rishihood University, India’s first impact university in Sonepat, Haryana in 2020 recently announced the appointment of Dr. Vasudev Murthy as the dynamic new Executive Director of its School of Entrepreneurship, signaling an exciting chapter of growth and innovation.

In his new role at Rishihood University, Dr.Vasudev Murthy will spearhead the School of Entrepreneurship’s initiatives, emphasizing innovation, sales, and strategy, among other domains. His mandate encompasses the scaling of industry-led programs and championing Rishihood’s vision to augment colleges and universities with industry-relevant digital credentials and degree programs.

Expressing his elation at the appointment of Mr. Murthy, Mr. Sahil Aggarwal, CEO and Co-Founder, Rishihood University, said, “We are elated to have Dr. Vasudev Murthy’ onboard with us. His wealth of experience and strategic insight align seamlessly with the core mission and values of the University. With a demonstrated history of driving innovation and nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit in academic settings, Dr. Murthy would foster growth and propel the School of Entrepreneurship to new heights. We anticipate his guidance will not only enhance the School but also contribute significantly to the overall excellence of our students and the university as a whole”

With a career spanning over three decades in technology, management, and training, Dr. Vasudev Murthy is no stranger to the academic world. He has been a valued Visiting Faculty at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore since 1997, notably leading the popular elective, “Elements of Management Consulting.”

Dr. Vasudev Murthy’s illustrious career boasts associations with renowned organizations including NEC America, Deloitte and Touche, AT&T, and Wipro Consulting Services. At Wipro, he showcased exemplary leadership as the Head of Operations and later as the Senior Practice Partner for Functional Consulting. His contributions to the field of change management are evident through his widely-referenced paper, “Applying Change Management Practices in Government”, published by the IIM Ahmedabad Management Journal.

Dr. Vasudev Murthy, the Executive Director of the School of Entrepreneurship at Rishihood University, conveyed his profound joy about his recent appointment, expressing, “Being part of the esteemed Rishihood institution provides me with a tremendous opportunity to seamlessly blend my enthusiasm for both technology and education. It is indeed an honor to engage in collaboration with an institution that places a high emphasis on entrepreneurial excellence and innovation. As the Executive Director of its School of Entrepreneurship, I hope to shape the future of impactful education, working towards a visionary goal that empowers individuals to transform their ideas into tangible success.”

A seasoned speaker, Dr. Vasudev Murthy has shared his insights on pivotal platforms such as Microsoft Ventures, Indus Entrepreneurs, and the Project Management Institute Bangalore chapter. His certifications include expertise in Revenue Storm principles, Miller Heiman sales principles, and Richardson Sales Systems.

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